Month: October 2011

- Functional Medicine -

I Love My Brain

For many reasons I am in love with my brain, your brain, the brain. Yet until recently, I’ve known next to nothing about the most phenomenal organ in my body. Thanks to Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, I am on a new mission: Know thy brain. In doing so, I have a... Read more »

- Sports/Recreation -

One Year Left

This week, I turn 29 years old. With only one year left of my 20s, I’ve decided it’s time to get moving on some of the goals that have been sitting stagnant for quite a while. I mean, how great is going to feel to have accomplished all of this by the time I turn... Read more »

- General Health -


Man down. Well, it was actually just me suffering another injury this summer. Every year I seem to get an injury that sidelines me from my pursuits. This time it was badly tearing my hamstring while waterskiing, a sport I hadn’t done in about 35 years. Getting up on skis wasn’t hard, but I kept... Read more »

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: A Breakthrough

You know, just when you think you're backsliding on your workout routine, sometimes a breakthrough just comes out of nowhere. That's how things went for me this week. I'm going to say that it's just a way that the universe is telling to me to hang in there.

- Nutrition -

Dig Into Garlic

For centuries it’s been worshiped for its protective powers and its culinary potential. To fully appreciate garlic’s appeal, make it a part of your everyday cooking.