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Latest Stories 

Build a Healthier Brain by Building Expertise

New study suggests that rigorous training may prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

Paleo Pumpkin Bread

This recipe features fresh, roasted pumpkin, which is easy and so much more delicious than canned. You'll make more roasted pumpkin here than you'll need for one loaf; visit ElanasPantry.com for more pumpkin recipes.

Hawaiian Bees Are First to Be Designated as Endangered

Federal protections have been given to seven bee species in the hopes their populations will rebound.

Healthy on the Inside

The Mayo Clinic and a New York design firm are collaborating to explore the relationship between built environments and our health.
Healthier Stress Response Soaps and Candle

3 Healthier Stress Responses

Use these techniques to consciously shift your body's response to stress into a state that’s calm, secure, and replenished.
Out of Rhythm Arrhythmia cyclist triathaloner

Out of Rhythm

For decades we’ve been told that endurance exercise is good for the heart. But as more endurance athletes are diagnosed with heart issues, they are learning the hard way that more isn’t always better.

Life, Unedited: Learning to Listen

Our extroverted senior editor challenges herself to listen more deeply.
October Workout

The Workout: Ready, Set…Rest!

Intuitive, rest-based interval training scorches fat and builds fitness — without leaving you wrecked.

Coming Clean: Body Confidence at Any Size

This birthday, I gifted myself with self-acceptance — and a great dress — and decided my body size would not be all that I see.

5 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Transform your relationships by changing the way you listen.

Pumping Irony: Too Old to Operate?

Researchers have developed guidelines to determine whether elderly patients are strong enough to recover from surgery.
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