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Latest Stories 

GMO 2.0

Should we be concerned that new genetically modified foods get around current USDA “GMO” labels?

A Friend to the Bees: Mikaila Ulmer

This 12-year-old entrepreneur seeks to help support the declining bee population with her family’s lemonade recipe.
eco tourism

Travel Lightly: The Beauty of Eco-Tourism

An unexpected invitation leads our fitness editor into the jungles of Nicaragua — and opens her eyes to the possibilities of ecotourism.

How to Start Composting

Turn your kitchen scraps into gardener’s gold with this simple six-step method.

Keeper of the Land: Terry Tempest Williams

Celebrated author and activist Terry Tempest Williams shares insights on finding refuge in the environment — and taking action to protect it — in this time of great change.

Life, Unedited: Show Up and Do the Work

Our fitness editor recaps Month 3 of Pat Davidson’s 16-week “MASS” program.

DIY Cleaners

Clean your home safely — and cheaply — with the following recipes.

Pumping Irony: The Secret of “Super-Agers”

The aging brain thrives on a healthy diet and vigorous exercise, but the real key to long-term mental acuity may simply depend on a roll of the genetic dice.

Sara Gottfried’s Turmeric Latte Recipe

This creamy, rich latte is packed with anti-inflammatory and thyroid-supporting nutrients.
Canadian Postpartum Supplements

Nutritional Supplements May Decrease Postpartum Blues

A trio of supplements supports brain changes in women during postpartum.

Awareness in Walking

Across the country people are signing up for “walking boot camps,” aiming to relearn how to walk. Here’s a look inside one of the gentlest approaches.
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