Burdens of the-Past

Burdens of the Past

Painful events from childhood can linger, creating stress and anxiety today. Here’s how you can take empowered steps toward healing.

Single Serving Tea Pot Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a single serving teapot set.

The Workout: Prehab Your Body (Video)

See the moves in action from this month's workout.
Lewis Howes

A Path to Greatness: Lewis Howes

After an injury ended his promising pro-football career, Lewis Howes changed his life’s direction. Today, his greatest victory lies in teaching others how to win big in their own lives.
The unexpected gifts of imperfection

The Unexpected Gifts of Imperfection

By confronting our scarier emotions — vulnerability, fear, and shame — we can learn to lead a more “wholehearted” life. Brené Brown shows us the way.
Bread Wine and Chocolate

What to Read Now: Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love by Simran Sethi

Journalist and educator Simran Sethi has unveiled a thoughtful, insightful new book about our changing environment and agriculture, framed by the stories of some of our most beloved cuisine: bread, wine, chocolate, coffee, and beer.
Middle-Aged Man Doing Yoga

Pumping Irony: Clean Living — and a Clean Shave — Also Fights Cancer

As men increasingly opt out of PSA screenings, new research shows how healthy-living habits can protect your aging prostate — whether or not you sprout a moustache.
Pomegranate Power

Pomegranate Power

This luscious winter treat is a healthy, flavorful, and antioxidant-rich addition to many dishes.
Take back your taste-Buds

Take Back Your Taste Buds

Highly flavored processed foods have hijacked our sense of taste, driving unhealthy cravings and sabotaging our health for too long. It’s time to reclaim our palates.
Prehab Workout

The Workout: Prehab Your Body

Injury-proof yourself with these prehabilitation mobility moves.
Pomegranate Slideshow

6 Quick & Easy Pomegranate Recipes (Slideshow)

Simple ways to enjoy this healthy, antioxidant-rich winter treat.
fast food changes

Change on the Menu

Some fast-food chains are hustling to refine their image to be “healthy.” Though results may not be 100 percent wholesome foods, they are good signs of consumer demands for healthier, cleaner options.