Partners in Grime

Gritty, military-inspired team adventures push your mental and physical limits. They may also redefine your idea of fun.

Fresh Coconut Chutney

This creamy chutney adds brightness to any Indian recipe, and is especially tasty on a lamb curry.

Pumping Irony: When I’m 64 . . .

Our children have each moved on toward an independent life, which leaves me wondering where I fit in.

On Faith and Fitness

Glutes and godliness. Biceps and the Bible. On first view, fitness and faith may seem a strange match. But for many people, spiritual motivations bring deeper meaning to their health and fitness pursuits, and prove to be a positive, pivotal factor in supporting them.
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What We Can Learn From the Four Happiest Places on Earth

Taking cues from the world's happiest places and people, you might find a simple shift in your attitude could make all the difference in unlocking your own true bliss.
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Coffitivity: Bring the Coffee Shop to Your Cubicle

Grab your headphones — and possibly spark your creativity — to plug into the latest app that allows you to customize your office-space ambiance.

Essentialism: My New Minimalism

Sure, you can declutter to have less — but what do you truly need? How essentialism is helping one woman pare down to the good stuff.

Going to Extremes: Patricia Moreno

After decades of desperate attempts to transform her body, Patricia Moreno discovered the key to lasting change lay elsewhere — in her own heart and mind.
Empty supermarket aisle

Changing Processed-Food Nation

In a rush to meet consumer demand, food companies are changing their product formulations to remove artificial dyes and other chemical additives.

Win a Copy of Indian Cooking Unfolded (Giveaway)

Enter for a chance to win Raghavan Iyer's cookbook!

A Change Is Brewing at Starbucks

After last fall's public outcry, the company announces its popular Pumpkin Spice Latte will now include real pumpkin.
Intro-To-Indian Food

An Intro to Indian Food

A guide to enjoying its lush flavors, colors, and textures — without leaving home.