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Latest Stories 

Behind the Scenes With Krystle Wright (Video)

Adventure photographer Krystle Wright shares how capturing the moment has given her a new focus on living life more fully.

You Are Your Own Guru

In her fierce new book, White Hot Truth, Danielle LaPorte talks about overcoming self-help fatigue and learning to love yourself.
The Case for Strength

The Case for Strength

Here are six ways strength training supports your overall health — beyond building muscle and burning fat.
Jessamyn Stanley

Yoga for Every Body: Q&A With Jessamyn Stanley

The body-positive advocate shares how we can all let go of doubt and be kinder to ourselves through yoga.
Krystle Wright

A Different Lens: Krystle Wright

Adventure photographer Krystle Wright shares her insights on the rewards of risk-taking and the joys of capturing a moment.

The Ride of Her Life

In 2015, ultra-endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch set out to find the place where her father’s plane was shot down during the Vietnam War and, in the process, found a new purpose.

The Brain-Training Scam

Short-term programs to improve cognitive function may do your aging cerebellum more harm than good.
game pieces

How to Be Emotionally Agile

Even small transitions can upset your daily routines. Restore your sense of balance and ease with these tips.
Summer Cucumber and Tomato Soup

Summer Cucumber and Tomato Soup

This cold and refreshing soup is actually two simple soups artfully presented together. 
Refine Your Row

Fitness Fix: Refine Your Row

Here's a step-by-step guide to improving your bent-over and inverted rows.

New Tricks for an Old Dog?

Most of us have spent our entire adult lives learning only what was necessary to succeed in our careers. A new study suggests our aging brains need a more childlike approach.
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