superbowl veggie bowl

Super Bowl Menu

Game on! This menu of healthy and satisfying dishes and drinks will be appreciated by hungry fans who want to stick with their healthy New Year habits.

Pumping Irony: No Car, No Problem

Research suggests that geezers suffer when they can no longer drive, but I'm fully prepared for that possibility.

Show Me How: Homemade Salad Dressings With Betsy Nelson (Video)

Quick and easy tips to make your own French vinaigrette at home.

Broadcasting Happiness

A shift in mindset can improve your life — and the lives of others. Positive-psychology expert Michelle Gielan explains how to spread your joy around.

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal (Infographic)

Simple tips for recording the joys — and challenges — that enhance your life.

A Healthier Menu for Super Bowl Sunday (Slideshow)

Try these recipes for a fun and healthy game day.
Hungry Fat

Hungry No More

Satisfy your appetite, retrain your fat cells, and lose weight for good.
Power of Process

The Power of Process

To create positive change, don’t obsess over specific goals. Focus instead on problem-solving strategies you can adjust as you go.
Jan-Feb 16 Expert Answers

January/February 2016 Expert Answers

Our experts answer your fitness questions.

Behind the Scenes With Kathryn Budig (Video)

The yoga instructor and author shares her thoughts on reaching goals for 2016 — and beyond.
Strong Body Basics

Strong-Body Basics

Learn how to correctly perform the squat, bench press and deadlift — along with their variations.

The Workout: 10-Minute CIZE Dance Break (Video)

Watch as Shaun T demonstrates four dance moves from this month’s workout.