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Latest Stories 

Hawaiian Bees Are First to Be Designated as Endangered

Federal protections have been given to seven bee species in the hopes their populations will rebound.

Healthy on the Inside

The Mayo Clinic and a New York design firm are collaborating to explore the relationship between built environments and our health.

The Upside of All-Out Intervals

The results of a 12-week study on interval training offers good news for exercisers short on time.

Unhappy Pills

Women taking oral contraceptives suffer a higher incidence of depression, a new study finds.
Out of Rhythm Arrhythmia cyclist triathaloner

Out of Rhythm

For decades we’ve been told that endurance exercise is good for the heart. But as more endurance athletes are diagnosed with heart issues, they are learning the hard way that more isn’t always better.

5 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Transform your relationships by changing the way you listen.

Life, Unedited: Victory Lap

What my grandfather is teaching me about graceful exits.
October Workout

The Workout: Ready, Set…Rest!

Intuitive, rest-based interval training scorches fat and builds fitness — without leaving you wrecked.

Coming Clean: Body Confidence at Any Size

This birthday, I gifted myself with self-acceptance — and a great dress — and decided my body size would not be all that I see.
grain free baking

Grain-Free Baking

These simple-to-make baked goods from Elana's Pantry deliver on flavor and whole-food goodness.

Pumping Irony: Whatever You Say

My aging brain may not be completely processing the details of my son’s wedding planning, but at least I have an excuse.
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