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Latest Stories 

The Coconut Oil Kerfuffle   

Why the recent AHA study demonizing coconut oil isn’t saying anything new.
Avid Cyclists

Expert Answers: How Can Strength Training Make Me a Better Cyclist?

The benefits of strength training for cycling — plus some beginner moves.
Fruits and Vegetables

The Secret Lives of Fruits & Veggies

How the unique life cycle of your favorite produce affects its flavor and nutrition.
Gut Instincts

Gut Instincts

New research suggests we can live longer by altering conditions in our microbiome, but who wants to spend a few extra years fixating on their bowels?
Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Adventures With Well Fed‘s Melissa Joulwan

Embrace bold and vibrant flavors with these multicultural Paleo recipes.

Cross-Training in the Garden: A Lesson From Alignment to Zucchini

Movement ecologist Katy Bowman offers 9 tips on how to cross-train in the garden.
Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Balloon Farm

What do children raised to love farmers’ markets really think of them? Their answers might surprise you.
Edamame Beans With Tuna and Onion

Edamame Beans With Tuna and Onion

This classic Italian recipe replaces the traditional borlotti beans with edamame.
Scavenger Hunt Workout

Scavenger-Hunt Workout

Get fit and have a blast with this adventurous outdoor workout.
Circulatory Systems

The Truth About Circulation

Can exercise help varicose veins? Are there quick fixes for cold hands? Learn what's true — and false — when it comes to circulation.
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