Behind the Scenes With Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH (Video)

The behavior-change expert shares insights from her research at our cover shoot.

Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation

Pioneering neurobiologist Daniel J. Siegel, MD, explains how we can train our brains to improve our well-being.

Pumping Irony: I Knew That

Sometimes, new research simply reveals what's already quite obvious.

Cooking Chemistry

Learn how to sauté, sear, and braise like a pro — and bring out the best in your food, simply.
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Healthy-Gut 2

Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain

A neurologist explains the power of your microbiome to heal and protect your brain.
Intential Computing

Intentional Computing

Do you control your devices or do they control you? A more conscious approach can help you get the most out of technology.

Making Sense of SNPs

Small genetic variations can have a big influence on your health — and affect your nutritional needs, too.

Turf Wars

How special interests concoct “grassroots” movements online, mobilizing mobs that help shape the public conversation about health.

The Functional-Medicine Matrix

Discover the simple tools progressive practitioners use to dig beyond diagnoses and treat root causes effectively.

The Workout: New Twists on Old Faves

Get strong, build power, and burn fat on your go-to cardio machine.

A Walk on the Wild Side

A human “rewilding” retreat helps a longtime city dweller face her fears, relinquish control, and rediscover what sparks her joy.

How to Take a Nap

A little preparation can help you reap the restorative benefits of a midday rest.