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Latest Stories 

Skillet Breakfast Hash

Swap out the traditional potatoes for shredded cabbage in this detox-friendly hash.
how to deal with conflict in your neighborhood

How to Cope With a Bad Neighbor

His dog barks. Her compost bin smells. Your neighbors are driving you crazy. These strategies can help increase the peace.
Adventure Travel

Adrenaline Adventures

These getaways combine adventure with health-enhancing options, leaving you feeling recharged and ready for anything.
how to say no

The Freedom of No

This little word can lift you to new levels of physical health and emotional well-being.

The Daily Detox

Whole-food recipes that support your body's natural detoxification systems.

Breathing Space: Jonny Kest

Renowned teacher Jonny Kest shares his insights on the transformative power of yoga.
Group health

The Rise in Group Health Programs

Discover the surprising power of group medical programs.

Strong, Fast, and Fit: Month 5 Moves (Video)

See the moves for Month 5 of our "Strong, Fast, and Fit" program in action.
Andrew Weil

Are You Overmedicated?: An Interview With Andrew Weil, MD

Integrative-medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, MD, talks to us about his new book, Mind Over Meds, and why Americans are taking too many drugs.
bike pannier

Waterproof Back-Roller City Bike Pannier (Giveaway)

This waterproof bike pannier gets all your necessities off your back and on your bike.
No Pills, No Problem

Pumping Irony: No Pills, No Problem

For years, I thought I was in the vanguard of geezers refusing the Big Pharma solution. Turns out I’ve always had plenty of company.
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