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Latest Stories 
Jamie Martin

Team Spirit

Editor in chief Jamie Martin on the value of support in our fitness efforts — and the rest of our lives.


Follow along on Experience Life’s Instagram as Katy Bowman celebrates her 41st birthday by walking 41 miles through her community in search of local food and small-scale farmers.

Follow the Folate

You may not know the difference between folic acid and folate, but your body does. Learn how to get the form you need for optimal health.
what triggers migraines

What Triggers Migraines?

The cause of migraines has long been a mystery — but recently, researchers took one step closer a solution. 

Untangling Alzheimer’s

Breakthroughs in understanding dementia are leading to new healthcare approaches. Nutrition, lifestyle, and sleep may be the keys to prevention.

Unstoppable: Anthony Robles

Wrestling champion Anthony Robles hasn’t let anything keep him from standing at the top of his game.

Coming Clean: So, Now Babies Can Eat Peanuts?

The changing science and recommendations on peanuts is enough to make a new mom’s head spin.

Strong, Fast, and Fit: Into the Fire (Month 3)

Month 3 of our six-month training program ramps up the intensity, integrating — and testing — your hard work from the last eight weeks.

Pumping Irony: Is Cancer Screening Just a Scam?

A new study reveals that colonoscopies, mammograms, and other tests do little to prolong life expectancy. But don’t expect to hear that from your doctor.

Embracing Mystery: A Conversation With Krista Tippett (Audio)

Radio host Krista Tippett talks with Experience Life’s Heidi Wachter on the importance of wonder and how to build resiliency.

Life, Unedited: When Your Closet Runneth Over

In whittling down the wardrobe, what’s the sweet spot for what goes and what stays?
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