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Latest Stories 
The Trouble With Time Off

How to Take Time Off — Guilt-Free

Many of us feel guilty about time away from work — and overwhelmed by the effort it takes to plan, prep, and pay for vacations. These strategies can help.
care where food comes from

Revolutionary Act 33: Care Where Food Comes From

Why knowing your food's history can motivate you to consume more selectively.

Anatomy of a Chicken Nugget

Ever wonder what goes into making a chicken nugget? Here’s more than you probably wanted to know.
Adventure Apps

What to Try Now: Adventure Apps

These four adventure apps cover everything from hiking trails to geocaching to star-gazing.
Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Adventures With Well Fed‘s Melissa Joulwan

Embrace bold and vibrant flavors with these multicultural Paleo recipes.
The Case for Strength

The Case for Strength

Here are six ways strength training supports your overall health — beyond building muscle and burning fat.

You Are Your Own Guru

In her fierce new book, White Hot Truth, Danielle LaPorte talks about overcoming self-help fatigue and learning to love yourself.
Boost Testosterone

How to Boost Testosterone — Naturally

Here are 10 lifestyle-based ways to increase your testosterone levels.
Gut Instincts

Gut Instincts

New research suggests we can live longer by altering conditions in our microbiome, but who wants to spend a few extra years fixating on their bowels?
Scavenger Hunt Workout

Scavenger-Hunt Workout

Get fit and have a blast with this adventurous outdoor workout.

The Coconut Oil Kerfuffle   

Why the recent AHA study demonizing coconut oil isn’t saying anything new.
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