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Latest Stories 

Endurance Crackers

Packed with energizing healthy fats, these crackers make great on-the-go snacks.

Everything Is Connected: A Conversation With Terry Tempest Williams (Audio)

Author and activist Terry Tempest Williams talks with Experience Life’s Heidi Wachter about collaboration, community, and protecting the environment.

Night Owls Are From Mars

A study finds a gene for being a late sleeper. 

Closer to the Earth

Ecologist Robin Wall Kimmerer shares strategies for cultivating powerful relationships with the land.

Strong, Fast, and Fit: Month 4 Moves (Video)

See all the moves for Month 4 of our Strong, Fast, and Fit program in action.

Got Soil? Why Healthy Humans Need Healthy Soil

You may not be able to see them, but microorganisms in the soil have a big impact on human nutrition and health.

How Much Vitamin D Should You Take?

Here are five expert tips to help you calibrate your vitamin D intake.

Pumping Irony: The Heart of the Matter

A new study suggests the simple, heart-healthy lifestyle of an indigenous Bolivian people offers a prescription for a longer life. It doesn’t work like that.

Richest Americans Live Up to 15 Years Longer Than the Poorest

The health–wealth gap continues to divide us, a new mega-study finds.

The Problem With Hormonal Birth Control: An Interview with Aviva Romm, MD

Functional-medicine doc and hormone expert Aviva Romm, MD, talks to us about the health effects of hormonal contraception — and what to do about it.

Allergy Anxiety

When a bee sting or a peanut could mean a trip to the hospital — or worse — the world can feel like a minefield. Here’s how to handle the stress of a serious allergy.
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