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First Blood Biomarker for MS Discovered — and What It Means for Treatment

MS expert — and patient — Terry Wahls, MD, on what the recent discovery means for those with the neurodegenerative disease.

A Whiff of Good News

Industry giant Unilever opts to reveal fragrance chemicals in all of its personal-care brands.

Can Gut Bacteria Affect Alzheimer’s Disease?

New research finds the microbes in your gut may play a major role in escalating the chronic brain disease.

Decode Your Partner’s Love Language

This Valentine’s Day, learn how to communicate more deeply with your better half.

Pumping Irony: Eat Less, Live Longer?

Periodic fasting is gaining traction among the longevity-obsessed, but I’m having trouble seeing how it differs from yo-yo dieting.

Coming Clean: Little Love

Watching my toddler show love to others has expanded my own heart’s capacity. Did she develop this emotion by nature or nurture?

How to Calculate Your Anaerobic Threshold

With a few simple steps, you can determine the optimal level of intensity for your workouts.

Life, Unedited: How the Body Keeps Score

A book by renowned trauma expert Bessel Van der Kolk, MD, explains how trauma lives in the body — and why the body needs to be engaged in recovery.

Get in Sync

Aligning your body's clocks is key to your wellness. Here's how to achieve optimum circadian health.

Life, Unedited: The Truth About Soreness

Our fitness editor explains why being sore is not an indication of a good (or bad) workout.
The Modern Potluck

Modern Potluck

Healthy, shareable dishes that are perfect for your next gathering.
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