A Will To Serve: Major Dan Rooney

For Major Dan Rooney, there is no higher calling — and nothing more satisfying — than helping military families in need.

Pilar Gerasimo

Actions Speak Louder Than Words . . . Or Do They?

Founding editor, Pilar Gerasimo, on how every healthy act is, in a way, a demonstration of love and kindness.


The Workout: Alpha Power (Video)

Build strength and stamina in this boot-camp-style workout developed and demonstrated by Life Time personal trainer Adam Rozmenoski.


How to Create Fearlessly

Resistance and doubt are just part of the creative experience. Here are 10 tips to help you get past them.

lamb gyro

Homemade Gyros

Easy to make and keep on hand in the freezer, gyros taste better when made a day ahead, and the loaf will slice better when chilled overnight. Serve with a cucumber yoghurt sauce and roasted spring potatoes, roasted cauliflower cous cous, or salad greens.

Becoming Minimalist

“Becoming Minimalist”: 7 Thoughts on Simplifying Your Life from Joshua Becker

Tips for downsizing your life, your possessions, and your schedule from author and blogger, Joshua Becker.


Handling a High-Maintenance Friend

Have a pal who makes excessive claims on your time and attention? Here’s how to manage the relationship — without making yourself crazy.


Quinoa, Avocado, and Citrus Salad

This spring salad can morph with the seasons: Use cubes of fresh melon or diced tomatoes in the summer, or cubes of roasted squash in the fall or winter. You can also add a cup of diced chicken, smoked ham, or shrimp.