It’s a bracing zero degrees this morning as I set off for work, but — mercifully — there’s no wind to speak of, which makes for a splendid amble through the park. I even took a moment to stretch my calves at the foot of the stairs that take me to 46th Street and the Ford Bridge.

On gym days like today (I’ve resurrected my Life Time Fitness backpack so I can carry both my gym gear and my computer in one handy carry-all), I haven’t normally been walking to work, figuring that I get my cardio in the club.

So now I’m faced with a bit of a conundrum:

Should I still do my 25 minutes on the bike or treadmill or elliptical machines? I suppose it can’t hurt, since my knee feels fine. (Just thinking out loud.)

Plus, that cardio time sort of loosens me up in a way that seems to make my lifting routine more plausible. I would say “effective,” but who knows if what I’m doing is all that effective?

Don’t think I’ll walk home tonight, though.

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