Spiral Up! 10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy

10 ways to create more positive energy in your day.

spiral up

Pay attention to your energy level and you’ll notice that it fluctuates from day to day. While this is natural, most of us want to feel good every day. We want to feel inspired, clear and energized. After all, life is far more enjoyable when our life force is strong.

Creating more energy is actually quite easy to do.

When you invest in any one of your energy sources you lift them all–physical, mental and emotional. Each source highly influences the others, so every positive action has a ripple effect. Even small changes will improve your overall energy.

Here are 10 simple daily practices to boost your energy. By design, all of the ideas are within your control. This means it’s your choice. Put them into action and quickly connect to this simple truth–what you do matters.

Pick one idea. Move into action. And create more positive energy to fuel each day.

  1. Move your body. Moderate exercise for 20-30 minutes lifts your mood for up to 12 hours.
  2. Spruce up your space. Organized, cheery spaces expand your mental and emotional energy, strengthening your creativity, focus and motivation.
  3. Practice uncommon appreciation. Genuinely acknowledge one person every day that you appreciate. Heartfelt appreciation deepens emotional connections and relationships.
  4. Strategically renew your energy. Take a five-minute-break every hour–walk, stretch, breathe, drink water, meditate. Breaks improve mental focus, productivity and performance.
  5. Meditate. Breathing and quieting your mind for 30 seconds every hour works to reduce stress and increase productivity.
  6. Technology free zones. Create space in each day where you’re free from technology to strengthen mental clarity, focus and quality of life.
  7. Be in nature. Simply being in the presence of nature for 20 minutes can strengthen feelings of vitality, health and compassion.
  8. Breath deeply. Practice abdominal breathing 3x/day–breathe in to a count of three and out to a count of six.It’s a powerful way to quiet the mind and emotions.
  9. Eat breakfast. Boost your metabolism and energy with a healthy breakfast.
  10. Drink water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is a simple way to renew your energy, improve concentration.

Get good at living®,

Maryanne O’Brien is the founder of Live Dynamite, a life skills program that inspires, empowers and supports people to bring the best of who they are to everything they do.

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