COMING CLEAN: Raves and Faves: Green-Tea Lattes

A great alternative to coffee lattes: green-tea lattes! Read on for more benefits…

When it comes to coffee, I usually take it with cream and sugar. As I’ve discovered an intolerance to dairy, I swapped my cream for almond or coconut milk or creamer (the unsweetened milks are low in sugar and additional ingredients; the creamers, however, are not so I don’t overdo it — they are just so darn tasty, though, and mix with coffee so smoothly). If you’re switching out dairy milk for alternatives, read up on the pros and cons in “The New Moo: Milk Alternatives.”

I’ve been in a prep week for a spring detox since May 1, so I’ve been removing coffee slowly (none this weekend, opting for black tea instead, but had a cup this morning [Mondays, right?]). I didn’t think eliminating coffee would be a problem, until I sipped today’s French roast. More on my no-coffee month to come…

green tea latte
Luckily, I was recently introduced to green-tea lattes after reading my coworker’s “Detox Diary” piece in our April issue. It never crossed my mind before, but when Heidi Wachter mentions green-tea lattes in her story, a light bulb went off over my head. Why, of course! That would be delicious!

And they are! I tried this one from Peace Coffee‘s Minneapolis shop, made with matcha green tea. Tea itself is full of antioxidants and health benefits, and I find that, the more tea I drink, the more I embrace other healthy habits (if I’m feeling the urge to snack again but just ate, I’ll drink a cup of hot tea instead).

The “tea-ista” made this one with hazelnut milk, and I added a bit of local honey. The combo of the hazelnut milk and tea was full of flavor and just sweet enough for me.

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