Partner Workouts

Grab a pal and head outside to tackle this built-for-two routine.

An illustration of two people working out together

At the gym, solo workouts are the norm. Even at rush hour, you rarely witness much interaction beyond the occasional “Can I work in?”

There’s nothing wrong with cranking the tunes and grinding out a workout in solitude. But research shows that working out with a partner has perks, too — for your friendship as well as your health.

“You work harder in a group setting,” explains Life Time trainer Jason Sweetnam, NASM.

For an additional health boost, take your workout — and workout buddy — outside. It’s more than just a change of scenery, says Sweetnam: Research has shown that exercising in the great outdoors produces more energy and higher engagement with the activity than many indoor routines.

So grab a partner and run through this alfresco interval workout. You’ll not only test your fitness by tack­­ling odd-shaped obstacles and varied terrain, but you’ll also exper­ience the mind–body benefits of recon­necting with a sweaty pal — and Mother Nature.

The Workout

Find a green space — a public park or wooded area ­— equipped with a bench and a hill or staircase. After a dynamic warm-up (for ideas, visit “The Perfect Warmup”), perform this workout in superset fashion, moving through pairs of exercises with minimal rest between moves.

partner workout chart

The first two moves, for example, involve one partner performing pushups as the other does broad jumps. The partners then switch stations, proceeding through the superset one or two more times, depending on their fitness levels, before moving to the next pair of moves. It’s helpful to choose a partner with roughly the same fitness level as you.

CSCS, is an Experience Life contributing editor.

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