How to Do the Ultra Fit Workout at Home

Put your agility, balance, and coordination to the test with this intense 30-minute functional-fitness routine.

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A consistent and varied exer­cise routine is unrivaled for creating baseline physical fitness. But if you’ve been training for a while and feel ready to take your fitness to the next level, Ultra Fit might be just what you want.

The program combines strength and speed work with agility, balance, and coordination skills to help individuals become better equipped to handle the challenges of an active life in and out of the gym, says Life Time master trainer and small-group training manager Lindsay Ogden.

“If you want to be functionally fit,” says Ogden, “agility, balance, and coordination are the skills you really want to hone.”

Since helping to design the advanced high-intensity class for Life Time in 2019, Ogden has watched participants celebrate a variety of fitness achievements:

  • Increased maximum sprint speeds
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increased strength endurance
  • Improved agility and coordination
  • Decreased body fat
  • Better mind–body connection through challenging proprioception and balance

“It’s awesome to see people dig deep for that inner athlete, pushing for those last five seconds on their sprint,” she says.

And though Ultra Fit is designed for a small-group, treadmill-based, in-club class, the programming can be adapted to do on your own at a fitness center or at home. Ogden offers the following Ultra Fit–inspired workout to train your abilities to stay better grounded and upright on uneven terrain, to change direction quickly, and to use various parts of your body together.

Designed for intermediate to advanced exercisers, this workout combines speed sessions on the treadmill or a hill with ground exercises. (For a ­beginner-friendly functional routine, check out “Ready-for-Anything Fitness”.)

Perform this workout one to three times per week, taking care to prioritize recovery through sleep, nutrition, breathing, and stress management, emphasizes Ogden.

“Ultra Fit kicks your butt and gives you that endorphin release when you learn a new skill or exercise you’ve never asked of your body before.”

RKC, MFT-1, ALPHA is an Experience Life senior editor.

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