ADHD Nutritional Tune-Up (Infographic)

For kids with focus and behavior challenges, nutritional shifts may work as well as, or better than, medication.

A raft of new, peer-reviewed studies reveals that simple changes in diet can dramatically help manage ADHD and ADD.

For kids with ADHD, refined cereals, sweet fruits like melons and raisins, and starches like white rice are best avoided altogether, David Bock, MD says. Beans and lower-glycemic fruits like berries, apples, and pears can be eaten in limited quantities.

Even simple nutritional interventions like these can make a profound difference. But many parents find they get the best results (and support) working with progressive health professionals who can suggest individualized treatment plans.

Hover your cursor over the illustrations below to find tips for giving your child’s diet a nutritional tune-up and for more information, read the full article “Connecting ADHD and Nutrition.”

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