PUMPING IRONY: An Apple a Day . . .

Can an apple a day keep dementia away? A new study suggests it can — as long as you chew it well.

There are plenty of good reasons for maintaining good dental hygiene, but here’s a new one:

A new study from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden suggests that the ability to chew can help aging folks like me avoid or delay dementia.

The study surveyed 557 people aged 77 or older and found that those who had difficulty chewing apples and other crisp foods had a “significantly” higher risk of developing cognitive dysfunctions. That’s because ineffective chewing reduces blood flow to the brain.

This, of course, is cheery news to this geezer, since I happily consume an apple pretty much every day. It keeps the doctor away, don’t you know.

, an Experience Life deputy editor, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.

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