COMING CLEAN: Airport Food

In celebration of my 31st birthday on the 12th and our six-year anniversary on the 9th, my husband planned a trip for us to Colorado. We haven’t flown anywhere together since our Florida trip in March 2011, so I was excited for this vacation — and to visit someplace new.

I was prepared to challenge my “vacation-food mindset” that had set in during our week at the cabin in August. You know the voice: the one that says it’s OK to eat the cookie or ice-cream sundae because you’re on vacation. Right now, one planned treat a week has been fine for me while I’ve been working to lose weight. The trick, I’ve found, is eating that treat mindfully, really enjoying it and being satisfied with just a few bites or one small dessert. When I find myself desiring (or eating) more than one, I remove dessert altogether the following week, or longer, until I again feel comfortable putting the fork down.

Avoiding Vacation-food Mindset

To avoid vacation-food mindset, I wanted to start off strong, which meant choosing wisely at the airport. Most of our family vacations during my childhood were by car, although I flew quite a bit during my senior of high school to visit friends at the University of Michigan. I don’t recall, however, having so many options for wholesome, fresh food at the airport.

All airports aren’t created equal, but the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport has several restaurants and stands featuring salads and healthy snacks. We made it through security quickly, so we had enough time to stop for lunch at French Meadow Bakery & Café. I chose this yummy salad with organic mixed greens, grilled chicken breast, carrots, tomato, toasted sunflower seeds, shredded beets, and white balsamic vinaigrette. Notice my look of surprise and delight at finding such deliciousness.

airport food

With any unpredictable event, I try to eat beforehand, but have been happy to find healthy options on-the-go. What are your favorite places to get healthy food when traveling?

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