9 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

Holistic dentist Steven Lin, DDS, offers nine quick tips to deal with sugar cravings.


If a sugar craving sets in, try one of the following antidotes to keep yourself from reaching for a sugary treat.

  1. 1 tbs. coconut oil: The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil will be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream, and this often stems sugar cravings.
  2. 1 tbs. of melted butter: It helps you feel satisfied with a vitamin-rich dose of fat.
  3. 1 tbs. sauerkraut: Even though it’s not very sweet, sauerkraut can help quell the body’s craving for sugar.
  4. 1 handful Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are high in selenium, an element that reduces cravings for sweets.
  5. 1 handful coconut chips.
  6. A hot (or cold) shower. Resetting your body temperature can often disrupt the cycle of craving.
  7. Exercise! Go for a walk, run, or do 10 push-ups, jumping jacks, or star jumps.
  8. Green tea or peppermint tea.
  9. A diaphragmatic breathing exercise.

This is reprinted with permission from The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link Between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health.

is a board-registered dentist in Australia. Check him out on his website and on Facebook.

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