4 Road-Trip Routes

These classic road trips are packed with history and adventure. You might just be inspired to spend more time out of your car than in it.

Parent and child sitting on side of the highway

I grew up at the tail end of the golden age of the American road trip. Like many kids raised between the end of World War II and the 1970s recession, I saw much of the country from the back-facing rear seat of my family’s wood-paneled station wagon.

Every summer we set out from Minnesota, traveling freeways, highways, and back roads to destinations as varied as the Florida Keys, Disneyland, and Maryland’s Assateague Island. We camped in state and national parks along the way and returned home within a week or two.

We loved being able to see so much of this beautiful country. But the more miles we covered each day, the more bored, antsy, and irritable we all became.

The trick to making road trips magical, I learned, is getting out of the car as much as possible.

Whether you spend a few months or a few days traveling along these four routes, meaningful adventure is right outside your car door.

is a Minneapolis-based writer and leadership coach.

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