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A whole-life, health and fitness magazine, Experience Life helps readers make and sustain healthy-way-of-life choices. Available by subscription and on newsstands across the country, Experience Life provides transformative, in-depth information — not gimmicks or quick fixes — to help people reach all their healthy-living goals.

Since 2001, Experience Life has been cultivating healthy relationships with a wide array of top national brands, including Toyota, Athleta, and Whole Foods. We can help you connect with a hard-to-reach, appealing audience, thoughtful, discerning consumers who are committed to actively improving both themselves and their lives. And they’re exactly the kinds of people that many leading brands covet as customers — successful, educated, affluent, influential, health-motivated consumers. Learn more about Experience Life on our “About Us” page.

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With a wide array of digital options through and our E-Newsletters, Experience Life can customize your message to reach our engaged readers wherever they may be.

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