Pumping Irony

Craig Cox, an EL deputy editor and self-proclaimed resident geezer, explores the joys and challenges of aging well.

Smart Move

I long ago admitted that My Lovely Wife is smarter than me. A new study explains why that wasn’t a bad decision — to a point.


The Elixirs of Youth

The life-extension industry spews forth hyperbole at a pace that would make WikiLeaks blush. Take it all with a grain of salt.


Too Old to Operate?

Researchers have developed guidelines to determine whether elderly patients are strong enough to recover from surgery.


Whatever You Say

My aging brain may not be completely processing the details of my son’s wedding planning, but at least I have an excuse.

A Fate Worse Than Death?

Just as a genetic glitch can shorten the lives of even the healthiest among us, it can also sentence you to a life that seemingly never ends.


Open Wide

Research showing the importance of treating gum disease has forced me to overcome a long-held fear of dentists.


How Much Is Too Much?

A renowned fitness expert preaches the virtues of high-intensity exercise as the secret to building strength and vitality in my golden years, but I like everything in moderation.