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Featuring conversations with experts in fitness, nutrition, health, and well-being, Life Time Talks delves into different healthy-living topics that can help you live a healthy, purpose-driven life — whatever that means to you.

In each episode, hosts Jamie Martin, editor in chief of Experience Life magazine, and David Freeman, national brand manager for Alpha programs, talk with trusted experts who share their insights and knowledge so you have the information and tools you need to make meaningful progress toward your goals.

A person rinses carrots in the sink.

The Power of Veggies: How to Eat More and Make Them Taste Great

Season 1, Episode 16   April 29, 2020

Vegetables are always a critical component of a healthy diet, but their effect on the immune system makes them even more powerful at this time. Julie Brown, RD, the nutrition and assessments program manager at Life Time, joins us to discuss their many health benefits and to share her favorite cooking tips and best tricks for squeezing more veggies into your meals and snacks.


Boost Your Immune System: Tips for Nutrition, Supplements, and More

Season 1, Episode 15   April 26, 2020

Your immune system defends your health, and now more than ever, we want it to be strong. In this episode, we talk with Tom Nikkola, vice president of nutrition and virtual training at Life Time, about the eating and lifestyle choices that can compromise immunity, as well as how we can optimize our nutrition to help build this system. Plus, he shares some bonus tips for exercise and sleep.

A man and a young boy raise their hands in the air, presumably while watching a basketball game on TV.

Parenting in the Time of Coronavirus: Advice, Tips, and Tricks

Season 1, Episode 14   April 22, 2020

COVID-19 has flipped our kids’ lives upside down. Our guest and mom of three, Krystel Reierson, curriculum and events manager for Life Time Kids, offers advice for talking about the virus with your children, as well as tips and tricks for keeping them entertained while you’re all at home together.

Woman breathing with her eyes closed.

How to Build Mental Resilience During Difficult Times

Season 1, Episode 13   April 19, 2020

Resilience is our capacity to overcome and recover from difficult times — and we’re definitely in one of those right now. In this week’s episode, Jen Elmquist, MA, LMFT, director and co-creator of Life Time Mind, shares ways to protect your mind and body, as well as some simple mental exercises you can do if you feel overwhelmed with stress or worry.

A person washes lettuce.

Coach Anika’s Top Tips for Healthy Eating at Home

Season 1, Episode 12   April 15, 2020

A lot of people are struggling to maintain their healthy eating habits while at home, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Our guest, Life Time registered dietitian Anika Christ — a.k.a. Coach Anika — offers straightforward, practical tips that can make healthy eating a little easier, as well as some mindfulness practices to help shift our mindsets as we navigate these obstacles and make healthy eating choices despite them.

A woman does yoga while she looks out the window.

Making the Most of Your At-Home Workouts

Season 1, Episode 11   April 12, 2020

Just because we’re more confined to our homes right now doesn’t mean we can’t prioritize our fitness. We have the opportunity to form new habits or adjust our routines to reap new benefits by trying new things. In this episode, Danny King, national manager of team development at Life Time and personal trainer, offers his advice for maximizing your at-home workouts — no matter your starting point.

A man looks at a laptop outside.

5 Tips for Better Work-From-Home Productivity

Season 1, Episode 10   April 8, 2020

In an effort to social distance and slow the spread of COVID-19, many of us have transitioned to working remotely. In this episode, James O’Reilly, president of Life Time Work, offers his top five tips for keeping your days and space productive, engaging, and healthy, as well as addresses the benefits and challenges that come with working from home.

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Sleeping During Stressful Times

Season 1, Episode 9   April 5, 2020

Many of us — even those who normally sleep well — may be having trouble falling and staying asleep given the fear and anxiety we’re facing as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet sleep is critical for our immune function, our ability to fight off infection and our mental health. Integrative psychiatrist and author Henry Emmons, MD, is back to talk about these connections and offer tips for getting more sleep during this stressful time.

An avocado split open with the seed still intact

5 Nutrition Myths, Debunked

Season 1, Episode 7   March 9, 2020

There are a lot of misconceptions around healthy eating. For our first bonus episode, we brought back our guests from episode 5 — nutritionist Julie Brown, RD, and Ryan Dodge, LifeCafe executive chef — to debunk five of the most common ones. You’ll learn whether all calories are created equal, if you can out-train a bad diet, the truth about low fat, and more.

A group of people in workout clothes grouped in a circle with their feet close together

Community and How We Connect to the World

Season 1, Episode 6   March 2, 2020

In our increasingly digital world, the way we connect with others has changed — but the positive effects of a strong support system have not. In this episode, we talk with Justin Reis, co-creator of Life Time’s AMP cycle format, about the communities he’s built inside and outside of the fitness space, as well as how we can create more meaningful connections and surround ourselves with those who support us.

A glass with a banana smoothy in it.

Why Healthy Eating Doesn’t Need to Be Boring

Season 1, Episode 5   February 24, 2020

One of the most powerful tools we have for getting and staying healthy is the food we eat to nourish our bodies. In this episode, we cover the reasons nutrition is challenging, tips for meal planning and grocery shopping, and why healthy eating is all about finding balance. Our guests are Julie Brown, RD, program manager for nutrition and assessments at Life Time, and Ryan Dodge, executive chef for Life Time’s LifeCafe nationwide.

Woman tying shoe on one knee

Motivation for Fitness and the Ways We Can Move

Season 1, Episode 4   February 17, 2020

Being “fit” looks a little bit different for everyone. In this episode, we discuss the importance of moving for your unique body and motivations, the importance of mechanics and consistency, the components of a well-rounded exercise routine, and why fitness is about so much more than aesthetics. Our guest is Maggie Fazeli Fard, RKC, MFT-1, senior fitness editor at Experience Life and a fitness coach who leads Alpha Strong classes.

Man sleeping in bed peacefully

Why Sleep and Stress Management Are Non-Negotiables

Season 1, Episode 3   February 10, 2020

Sleep and stress both play a major role in how we feel and function. If we don’t have good habits in place, every other aspect of our health can start to crumble. In this episode, integrative psychiatrist, Henry Emmons, MD, discusses why these two factors are essential for optimal health and offers tangible ways we can improve our sleep and manage our stress.

A woman closing her eyes and tilting her head back peacefully

The Power of Mindset in Your Health and Life

Season 1, Episode 2   February 3, 2020

Mindset is often an overlooked factor in our health and well-being, but it’s where real, lasting change begins — whether you’re working on your health, fitness, relationships, or career. Our guest is Jen Elmquist, a licensed mental health professional, the creator of LT Mind, and the author of Relationship Reset.

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Introducing Life Time Talks

Season 1, Episode 1   January 20, 2020

Life Time Talks is the new podcast from Life Time. In the first episode of our inaugural season, you’ll meet our hosts and get a rundown of what to expect from future episodes.

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