Department: Insight

Faked Fitness

An evolutionary biologist explains why we spend a fortune trying to fake health, fitness and other desirable traits — and why our efforts are rarely convincing.

The Right Way to Fail

Social psychologists are just starting to discover what the sages have known for centuries: Failure can fuel insight and serve as a springboard to higher levels of achievement and success — if we learn to embrace its brighter side.

Map Your Mind

Want to improve your ability to capture ideas and cultivate new insights? Mind mapping lets you organize thoughts and see new connections.

Ha Ha!, Ah! and Ahh!

Enjoying humor and engaging in laughter have serious—and positive—consequences for our health, happiness and chances for success. Here’s the lowdown on laughter and how you can trigger its practical benefits in your own life.

The Smarter Choice

Research suggests that many of the decisions we make are both irrational and counterproductive. Find out how small changes in behavior can lead you to more-effective choices, and better results.

- Work -

When Less is Enough

In an environment of economic contraction, many of us are looking for meaningful ways to cut back. Here’s good advice on how to get by with a little less, and enjoy it more.

- Personal Development -

Shadow Dancing

Most of us struggle to obscure the unflattering personality traits that define our dark side – and too often, we ignore its gifts. Here’s how to best use the sense of wisdom and strengths our “shadow self” has to offer.

- Family/Friends -

Teen Spirit

When we set aside the stereotypes we have about raising teenagers, we can better approach the real challenges that arise – and rediscover the joy in our relationships with our children.