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Fix-It Foods

Whether flushing toxins, preventing inflammation or boosting your immune system, certain foods prove particularly effective in repairing the body. Here’s a primer on some of the best edible healers around.

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PUMPING IRONY: Running on Air

Been awhile, I guess. That doesn’t mean I’ve been avoiding the gym, though. In fact, I’ve been falling in love with the Precor EDMs (Elliptical Death Machines) downstairs. Because my knees are shot, and I have no calf mobility, and my heart rate soars into the stratosphere whenever I start jogging, I’ve found the EDMs... Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Exercise Church

Bicycling on the Ford Bridge this glorious morning, I spotted a lone rower (sculler?) resting on the perfectly calm river below. It was a perfect Zen moment: a man balancing exquisitely in his knife-thin craft, oars extended, a water bug on the wide expanse of the Mississippi. . . . I didn’t do any rowing... Read more »

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No intervals on Tuesday’s stationary bike ride (you really have to be in a certain mood), but I did a little over 5 miles in about 20 minutes — average heart rate of 110 — so I wasn’t slacking. And I upped the poundage slightly over on the resistance machinery during my 25-minute lifting session.... Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Energy Crisis

The buff guy last night (is he at the gym every night?!?) had a T-shirt with arrows pointing to his biceps! Very subtle. . . . Of course, when you’ve built a body like this guy has, why not advertise? I’m actually surprised by how little muscle flaunting goes on downstairs, given all the ripped... Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Miracle Cure?

OK, this is weird. Against my better judgment, I shuffled my pathetic ancient body downstairs to the gym after work last night and went through a slightly truncated version of my normal goal-averse routine (elliptical danger machine, lifting, etc.) expecting to pay the price this morning. But instead of feeling worse, I felt better! There’s... Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Back and Forth

Remember the scene in It’s a Wonderful Life when Jimmy Stewart’s sitting at Martini’s bar and prays for deliverance from his financial crisis only to get slugged by Mr. Welch, the school teacher’s husband? (OK, so you never saw the movie . . . but stick with me here; I’m about to make a point.)... Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Cramping Calves

I climbed on the treadmill last night and, after a five-minute walking warm-up, jogged a mile at a 4 mph pace. This would’ve been excruciatingly boring had it not been for the intriguing pain gripping both of my calves. Actually, it wasn’t so much a specific pain as it was an annoying cramp. It felt... Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Sore Shoulder

It’s a muggy day for a bicycle commute, even one that lasts only 15 minutes, and this morning it’s made more challenging by the soreness in my left shoulder. I must have strained a muscle there while lifting last night. In fact, my upper body is pretty sore all over, which I didn’t expect after... Read more »