Craig Cox

- Pumping Irony -


It's a bracing zero degrees this morning as I set off for work, but -- mercifully -- there's no wind to speak of, which makes for a splendid amble through the park. I even took a moment to stretch my calves at the foot of the stairs that take me to 46th Street and the Ford Bridge.

- Pumping Irony -


In the fall of 1998, I blew out my right knee playing basketball. I remember the occasion because it happened around the same time that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Randall Cunningham sustained a similar injury. Cunningham was back in the lineup six days after his operation; I didn’t get back on the court for six months.... Read more »

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: A Walk in the Park

I've been a pretty faithful bicycle commuter for the past 30-some years. But, when the first big snow falls here in the Twin Cities, I typically park my bicycle in the garage and rely on the automobile to get to work. I've taken enough spills on the ice over the years to convince me that it's the most prudent approach. Usually, I'm back on the road by April.