October 2012: Healthy at Work

October 2012: Healthy at Work

Well Informed


Work Stress Hits Home

The far-reaching implications of working in a hostile environment.…continued

Well Informed


Hormone Stress Test

How a cortisol test can help you evaluate whether your stress levels are cause for…continued

Well Informed


Avoiding Office-Body Syndrome

Quick exercises to strengthen your core and improve mobility.…continued

Head Out


The 3-Day Getaway

When big vacations seem too few and far between, shorter trips can remind you what…continued

Honestly, Dara


Prepared for the Worst

Food columnist Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl on why it's high time we put more reliable systems…continued



Behind the Scenes With Jeff Klein (Video)

The CEO for Working for Good shares his thoughts on bringing your whole self to work.…continued

Expert Answers


Expert Answers on Eating After Exercise, How Often to Change Up a Routine and More

Fitness editor Jen Sinkler asks the experts when to eat after exercising, how often to…continued

On the Cover

jeff klein working for good

Working for Good: Jeff Klein

When we bring our whole, healthy selves to work, everyone benefits. CEO and author Jeff…continued


wellness in the workplace

The Profits of a Healthy Workplace

Employers who offer forward-thinking workplace wellness programs not only have healthier,…continued



Show Me How: Poaching an Egg With Betsy Nelson (Video)

Chef and food stylist Betsy Nelson, of ThatFoodGirl.com, shares her tips for poaching an…continued


coffee conundrum

Coffee: A Healthy Grind?

Coffee gets a bad rap, and in excess it can be trouble. But enjoyed in moderation, it has…continued

Confident Cook

essential egg recipes and techniques

Egg Essentials: Recipes, Techniques and More

Simple, wholesome and healthy, eggs are easy to prepare with panache.…continued

How I'm Doing It


Business Not as Usual: David Adams’s Success Story

When too many client lunches and too little exercise caught up with David Adams, he knew…continued





Who Says I’m Angry?!

Coping with a passive-aggressive coworker can be tough. Licensed counselor Loriann Oberlin…continued



The Qigong Workout With Jen Sinkler and John Du Cane (Video)

Qigong teacher John Du Cane demonstrates the stress-busting workout he designed for the…continued

Big Ideas


Embrace Your Inner Overachiever

The art of pushing yourself hard, without pushing yourself over the edge. …continued


the flu shot debate

The Debate About Flu Shots

Many health professionals recommend seasonal flu vaccines as a preventive measure. But are…continued


health benefits of working out

Work Out, Work Better

Stressed out and strapped for time? Don’t skip that workout. Research indicates that…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

Balance Schmalance

Editor in chief Pilar Gerasimo on how to remain sane and resilient when work-life balance…continued

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