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Celebrate Earth Day: A Roundup of Our Favorites

We've gathered all of our favorite environmentally conscious content in one convenient spot.…continued

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Pepsi to introduce sodas “made with real sugar”

The new line of sodas, expected in Regular, Vanilla and Wild Cherry flavors, will be sweetened…continued

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Busting the Six-Meal Myth

A University of Oslo study discovered that eating three meals a day, rather than six, produces…continued

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LINK LOVE: Easter Decorations, Stress-Free Marathons, and More

We've gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this…continued

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Reading Comprehension: Print vs. Screen

According to a 2013 study, people who read on paper score better on comprehension tests than…continued

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Quick and Easy Spring Greens (Slideshow)

5 quick and easy ways to enjoy spring greens.…continued


Behind the Scenes With Pilar Gerasimo (Video)

Our founding editor shares her thoughts on health and personal growth in our exclusive video. …continued

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Tips for Time Management: A Roundup

Become an expert organizer of your life by delving deeper into these time-management resources.…continued


A Dual Cable Cross Workout (Video)

See how to do the cable-machine workout featured in our May 2014 issue — including the four…continued


Pilar Gerasimo, founding editor of Experience Life

Revolutionary Acts

Do the healthy thing, even when it’s challenging, inconvenient, or considered weird. Take…continued



How I’m Doing It

Read inspiring real-life stories of transformation, and maybe even share one of your own.…continued

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On-Time Arrival

On-Time Arrival

Are you always late? There’s hope for you yet. Here are some helpful insights for overcoming…continued


Rethinking Pet Food

Rethinking Pet Food

What you need to know about feeding your pets a healthy, balanced diet. …continued


Decoding Health Media

Decoding Health Media

Here’s what you need to know regarding the food industry’s influence about on what we hear…continued


Your Best Tri

Your Best Tri

Triathlons are booming, and for good reason. Reap the full-body benefits and finish strong with…continued

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What, Me Budget?

What, Me Budget?

Smart Money Smart Kids coauthor and money expert Rachel Cruze on overcoming your…continued

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Read, Plant, Grow

Create your own victory garden with this handful of informative books. …continued

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Sweet Rewards: Susanna & and Ilya Gorodisher’s Success Story

Sweet Rewards: Susanna and Ilya Gorodisher’s Success Story

How one couple overcame a legacy of obesity — and built a stronger life together along the…continued

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Expert Answers: On Cardio and Weights, Physio Tape, and AMRAP

Expert Answers: On Cardio and Weights, Physio Tape, and AMRAP

Our fitness experts tackle your questions on mixing cardio and weights, using physio tape, and…continued