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July August 2014 Worthy Goods

Our Favorites: July/August 2014 Lifestyle Products (Slideshow)

Check out the healthy-living products on our radar.…continued

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Obesity and the Brain

Obesity Harms Brain Functions

New research finds that beyond physical health issues associated with obesity, it may also…continued

Start and End Your Days Well

Take Action Challenge
Week 3 Overview: Start and end your days well

Resources for your third week of the Take Action Challenge — overcome roadblocks, set…continued

Link Love


LINK LOVE: Human Bacteria, Traits of those Who Live Peaceful Lives, and More

We've gathered some of our favorite healthy-living links that we came across on the Web this…continued


Congress Considers Legislation to Ban BPA in Storage Containers

The new bill would ban the use of BPA in food and beverage containers.…continued

Worthy Goods


Our Favorites: July/August 2014 Fitness Products (Slideshow)

Check out the fitness products that are on our radar.…continued

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The Health Risks of Being Young and in Debt

The United States consumer debt in 2013 totaled 11.5 trillion dollars. That's $7,115 of debt…continued


Take Action Challenge
Week 2 Overview: Hydrate Your Body

Resources for your second week of the Take Action Challenge — overcome roadblocks, set…continued

News & Views hosts a compilation of unbiased information about the latest safety research,…continued


Take Action Challenge
Week 1 Overview: Build in Fitness Breaks

Resources for your first week of the Take Action Challenge — overcome roadblocks, set…continued

News & Views


Making a Mindful Decision

A new study published in Psychological Science shows that just 15 minutes of…continued

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Craig Cox

Pumping Irony

For geezers like me, certain types of walking can be more hazardous than others.



Behind the Scenes With Roland Schoeman (Video)

The Olympic swimmer from South Africa shares his thoughts on being a world-record holder and…continued

Fitness Fixes


Fitness Fix: Help for Weak Wrists

Loosen up tight wrists with these simple drills.…continued



How I’m Doing It

Read inspiring real-life stories of transformation, and maybe even share one of your own.…continued


The Core Circuit Workout (Video)

Follow along as we show you how to train your core from all angles with five simple exercises. …continued

Editors' Picks

Honestly, Dara


Leaf Literacy

Leafy foods are terrific for you — and they can be a little confusing. Food writer Dara…continued

How I'm Doing It


An Uncommon Triathlete: Zachary Hamrick’s Success Story

A young man with autism conquers the NYC Tri. His father tells the story. …continued



Finish What You Start

Psychologist and author Neil Fiore, PhD, on how to make meaningful progress on your incomplete…continued

On the Cover


Roland Schoeman’s Inner Strength

The Olympian reflects on the advantages of age, experience, and believing in yourself against…continued


Beating-Lyme Disease

Beating Lyme Disease

For patients with tick-borne diseases, the path to health can be confounding. Combining…continued

Confident Cook

Summer Mocktails

Summer Mocktails

Creative, simple, and refreshing drinks for the long, hot summer. …continued