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The Weight-Loss Project with Dr. David Ludwig

The Weight-Loss Project With Dr. David Ludwig

Experience Life is proud to partner with renowned Harvard weight-loss specialist David Ludwig, MD, PhD, to offer our readers an exclusive opportunity to experience a cutting-edge, safe, and clinically supported weight-loss approach.


Stress Buster: Sara Gottfried, MD

Feeling tired but wired? Balance your hormones and you can balance your life, says Sara Gottfried, MD.


The Recovery Zone

Smart athletes know when to back off their hardcore training to rest and recover. Do you? The fitness gains you’re working so hard for can’t happen without some strategic breaks.


Testosterone Tweaks

Men are confronting an epidemic of low “T,” while some women are struggling with too much. Here are natural strategies for right-sizing your levels.

Explosive Power Workout-Video

Explosive Power Workout (Video)

This full-body explosive-power workout will amp up your athleticism for sports — or anything life might throw at you.


Primal Inspiration

Experience Life’s fitness editor discovers that PrimalCon — an immersion into primal living in the modern world — involves more than just eating like a caveman.


#EL Gratitude Giveaway 2014

Use #ELGratitude to share what you’re thankful for on Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram to be entered to win a handmade journal and 2015 calendar!


The Ethics of Eating

The implications of our food choices are far-reaching. The quandaries are real. How can we start eating our way to a better world?


Giving Up a Favorite Food

Deciding to forgo a food you’ve long savored presents practical and emotional challenges — even when you know it’s for the best. Here’s how to make it easier.


The Power of Simple Food Rituals

Small gestures can make a big difference in how we experience and appreciate our food — and each other.