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Easter Basket Alternatives We LOVE!

If you're looking to skip candy-filled Easter baskets this year, don't miss these creative…continued

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Reading Comprehension: Print vs. Screen

According to a 2013 study, people who read on paper score better on comprehension tests than…continued

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Low vitamin D levels linked to cancer and heart disease, studies show

The studies, which looked at data on more than one million people, confirmed previously…continued

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Our Favorites: April 2014 Lifestyle Products (Slideshow)

Check out the healthy-living products on our radar.…continued

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Revisiting the Nutrient-Timing Window

Researchers are taking a second look at nutrient timing: Here are some of the latest findings. …continued

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This Is Your Body on Soda

The effects of soda consumption are dramatic — and speedy. Minutes after you take the first…continued

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How I’m Doing It

Read inspiring real-life stories of transformation, and maybe even share one of your own.…continued


How to Sprout (Slideshow)

Sprouting seeds — which is really easy and fun to do — converts a seed's starch into…continued


Unedited Blog: The Experience Life Office


Christy Rice shares her thoughts on why our school-age children need more time to eat their…continued


Earth Day Roundup

We've gathered all of our favorite environmentally conscious content in one convenient spot.…continued



Contributor’s Corner

Holistic nutrition coach Jill Grunewald offers an update on the pros and cons of goitrogenic…continued

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Game On: The Spirit of Competition

Game On: The Spirit of Competition

Discover the keys to bringing your A-game to anything you compete in — on and off the field.…continued

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Dikembe Mutombo: The Giver

Dikembe Mutombo: The Giver

Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo talks about reaching out to connect with your community — and…continued

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Pickup-Basketball Artist

Hoops Nation author Chris Ballard shares his unofficial primer on the unwritten rules…continued

Honestly, Dara

What's the Beef?

What’s the Beef?

A whopper of a question. And the answer food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl offers makes a…continued

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Community Counts

Community Counts

Rebuilding a sense of neighborliness has become its own revolutionary act. Here’s why…continued

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Healing Foods

Healing Foods

Three new books explore the role of food as our most basic and essential medicine.…continued

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Expert Answers: On Weight Machines, Body-Fat Percentage, and improving lung capacity

Our fitness experts tackle your questions on the best weight machines, improving lung capacity,…continued