The Calorie Myth

The Calorie Myth

New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Bailor on why we should be doing the opposite of the standard weight-loss advice to eat less and exercise more.


The Minimalist Challenge: #ELminimizes

Join the Experience Life team’s 30-day experiment to minimize clutter — inspired by the Minimalists.

Putting Kids — and Fun — Back Into Kids' Sports

Putting Kids Back Into Kids’ Sports

Many children simply don’t have fun playing sports anymore. Here’s a plan to reverse the “adultification” of youth athletics.

#3: What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You (Infographic)

Common signals you shouldn’t ignore.


Proof Positive: Genetically, Many Friends Are Like Family

Research duo Nicholas Christakis and John Fowler recently discovered that the friends we choose tend be as genetically similar as our fourth cousins.

Rethinking the Lunchbox: 3 Meal Makeovers

Rethinking the Lunchbox: Meal Makeovers

Three of our favorite nutritionists revamp kids’ lunches to create meals the whole family can enjoy.

Savoring Salmon

Savoring Salmon

Enticing and unexpected ways to enjoy this super-healthy fish.

Improve Your Golf Swing

Improve Your Golf Swing

Here’s how to build the strength and mobility you need — while warding off injuries that could put a crimp in your golf game.


Behind the Scenes: Kate Northup (Video)

The author and financial expert shares the backstory of her book, Money: A Love Story, offers tips for honoring your values as you work your way out of debt, and explains the essential role loving yourself plays in the process.


Lunch Gear Giveaway

Win these reusable lunchware goods by entering our giveaway!


A Skier’s Perspective (Video)

Join Experience Life’s Steve Waryan on the Rendezvous Ski Trails in West Yellowstone during his trip to the Yellowstone Ski Festival last November.