May - June 2002: Healthy Family

May - June 2002: Healthy Family


Power Play

We leave many activities behind as we mature - our sense of play shouldn't be one of them.…continued

Full Speed

Strength for All

How much cash would you slap down for a magic pill that would grant you a lifetime of…continued

How I'm Doing It

Unified Front

How one couple strengthened their connection by forging a shared fitness goal.…continued


Understanding UFOs (Unidentified Fitness Obstacles)

Are you trailing a string of fitness failures mysterious enough to be classified as an…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

Title Search

I confess, when I first began editing Experience Life, I thought the magazine's name was a…continued


The Splendid Stalk: Asparagus

With its elegant, slender shape and delectable flavor, asparagus has stolen many a food…continued


Multivitamin Maze

Yes, you should probably be taking a multi, but how do you decide which one?…continued


Fit To Be Tied: A Couples’ Survival Guide

When it comes to health and fitness, are you and your sweetheart compatible, combative, or…continued


Where The Wild Things Are

Get your whole gang into the great outdoors for a wilderness experience they'll never…continued


Making Time For Your Ideal Life

How long have you been running the rat race while longing for something better? Kick the…continued

Head Out

Big Lake, Family Paddle

If your family is yearning for an outdoor adventure, sea kayaking on Lake Superior may be…continued

Form & Function

Shake, Rattle and Roll

How you can wobble your way to serious strength, coordination and stability.…continued