January - Febuary 2004: Action Plan 2004

January - Febuary 2004: Action Plan 2004



Right Risk

A former high diver shares lessons from the edge.…continued

Fitness Fixes

Start Seeing UFOs

Are Unidentified Fitness Obstacles sabotaging your fitness goals?…continued

News & Views

Exercise Etiquette

Christopher Fazi comes to the aid of the well-meaning, the clueless and the downright…continued

Full Speed

Triathlon Trivia

Whether you're planning to follow the Olympic race in Athens or toe the line at a local…continued

Form & Function

Pace Yourself

Eager to be leaner? Don't work harder (or wait longer) than you have to! Learn the art of…continued

How I'm Doing It

Less is More

Until Rob Caringi reduced his body weight by more than half, he never imagined how the…continued


Good Salmon Sense

Which is better – wild caught or farm raised? Explore the pros and cons of America's…continued


Action Plan 2004: Resolutions Reconsidered

For this year's Resolutions Workshop, we gathered up four of our favorite …continued


Big Fat Controversy

Expert fats researcher Dr. Mary Enig offers surprising insider views on good fats, bad…continued


Weight Loss 101

Feel like you're failing at weight loss? Forever stuck in the remedial class? Don't…continued


Dream Maintenance

Your dream is arriving. Are you prepared to have it stay?…continued


Kicking Candida

Some see it as a fad diagnosis. Others see it as the culprit behind a vast array of…continued


Facing the Demons of Inaction

Morita therapy lets you take a philosophical, tough-love approach to undoing your own…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

Getting It Done

“Is this supposed to press down on my nose so much,” I asked Ryan, the trainer…continued

Head Out

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

The thrill of virgin powder, untouched bowls and lots of snow make hut-to-hut skiing an…continued

Letter From the Founder-Perspective

Reinventing Yourself

It’s resolutions season again - a time of review and reflection, and for many, a time of…continued


Joint Venture

Degenerative joint disease can cause debilitating pain, loss of mobility and function,…continued