April 2013: Fresh Start

April 2013: Fresh Start



Going Glamping (Slideshow)

Glamping is a great way to spend time outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home.…continued


The Emotional Toll of Clutter

The Emotional Toll of Clutter

What is your space saying about you — and what is it doing to your energy, mood and…continued


Yoga 4 You

Yoga 4 You

Whether you're a newbie, a dabbler or a committed devotee, there's always more to discover…continued

Big Ideas

loving what is

Loving What Is

With just four simple questions, “The Work” founder Byron Katie challenges our notions…continued

Confident Cook

Asparagus: A Spring Classic

Asparagus: A Spring Classic

One of the first signs that winter is over, asparagus is bursting with powerful…continued

The Workout


The Perfect Warm-Up

Here’s a cutting-edge, all-purpose body-priming routine you can crank out in 10 minutes…continued

Honestly, Dara

Broccoli: The Beautiful Green Monster

Broccoli: The Beautiful Green Monster

Food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl discusses how few things in this world are more…continued

On the Cover

Darya Pino Rose's Fresh Focus

Darya Pino Rose’s Fresh Focus

Top food blogger and healthy-eating expert Darya Pino Rose suggests spring-cleaning your…continued


Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind

Three experts offer tips for overcoming mental chaos and reclaiming a balanced brain. …continued

Head Out

Almost Roughing It

Almost Roughing It

Not a fan of hardcore camping? "Glamping" gets you out in nature — without sacrificing…continued

How I'm Doing It


In My Control: Finn Haley’s Success Story

When it came to dealing with inflammatory bowel disease, one man learned that self-care is…continued



Detox Diary: Real Thoughts on Detoxing (Audio)

EL editors discuss their personal experiences with Dr. Mark Hyman's elimination…continued


Revealing Ingredients

Revealing Ingredients

All processed foods are not created equal — especially those that claim to be healthy.…continued




Detox Diary

Detox Diary

Intrepid staffer Heidi Wachter completes her first detox diet, and shares the ups, downs…continued


Getting Things Done: "Organize"

Getting Things Done: “Organize”

Learn three efficient ways to get and stay organized — from Getting Things Done expert…continued


alli mckee warm-up video

The All-Purpose Warm-Up (Video)

Looking for a dynamic warm-up you can do before any workout, game or competition? All you…continued

Web Exclusives

green tea

WEB EXTRA: Detox Diary Sample Recipes

A look at a typical day's meal plan during Heidi Wachter's elimination diet.…continued

Thoughts From the Founding Editor

Fun With Detox!

Pilar Gerasimo on how clearing things out — your diet, your home, your heart — can…continued


daryia pino rose video

Behind the Scenes With Darya Pino Rose (Video)

The healthy-eating expert and blogger talks about the relationship between healthy eating…continued

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