Seeds, Glorious Seeds

Chia, pumpkin, flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds are power foods that are packed with nutrients and can be easily added to your meals. continued

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Easter Basket Alternatives We LOVE!

If you're looking to skip candy-filled Easter baskets this year, don't miss these creative…continued

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Low vitamin D levels linked to cancer and heart disease, studies show

The studies, which looked at data on more than one million people, confirmed previously…continued

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Report: FDA loophole allows companies to determine safety of new chemicals in foods

The Natural Resources Defense Council says a loophole in a 1958 law allows food…continued

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Revisiting the Nutrient-Timing Window

Researchers are taking a second look at nutrient timing: Here are some of the latest…continued

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This Is Your Body on Soda

The effects of soda consumption are dramatic — and speedy. Minutes after you take the…continued

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Our Favorites: April 2014 Nutrition Products (Slideshow)

Check out the healthy-eating products on our radar.…continued



How to Sprout (Slideshow)

Sprouting seeds — which is really easy and fun to do — converts a seed's starch into…continued

Honestly, Dara

What's the Beef?

What’s the Beef?

A whopper of a question. And the answer food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl offers makes a…continued



Do You Need Milk?

Harvard nutritionists David Ludwig and Walter Willett argue that milk should be a dietary…continued



Quick & Easy Seeds (Slideshow)

Five easy ways to add nutrient-packed seeds to your drinks, snacks, and meals.…continued

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Seeds, Glorious Seeds

Seeds, Glorious Seeds

Chia, pumpkin, flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds are power foods that are packed with…continued

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Healing Foods

Healing Foods

Three new books explore the role of food as our most basic and essential medicine.…continued

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What makes a “Shamrock Shake” green?

We take a look at the artificial food dyes that give St. Patrick's Day-themed treats their…continued


Luck of the Irish: Green Treats From Experience Life

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Experience Life staff's favorite green treats!…continued

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Our Favorites: March 2014 Nutrition Products (Slideshow)

Check out the healthy eating products on our radar.…continued

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food labels

Nutrition labels get a long-awaited makeover

The FDA's proposed changes — the first in 20 years — focus on calories, sugar, and…continued



Quick & Easy Dark Chocolate Recipes (Slideshow)

Dark chocolate recipes that are quick, easy and delicious. …continued


Chicken Mole Video

Quick Chicken Mole (Video)

This adaptation of mole is quicker than the traditional, but just as good. …continued


Beating Food Addiction

Beating Food Addiction

Functional-medicine expert Mark Hyman, MD, on our addiction to sugar, processed foods, and…continued



Integrative Psychiatry: An Interview with Jeffrey Becker, MD (Audio)

Discover the role that nutrition can play in helping to treat and manage mental illness in…continued

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