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The Core Circuit Workout

You need a solid core for everyday life. This basic body-weight circuit builds both…continued

The Ultimate Obstacle-Course Workout

The Ultimate Obstacle-Course Workout

Prepare to tackle a variety of races with this scalable training plan that’s designed to…continued

A Dual Cable Cross Workout

A Dual Cable Cross Machine Workout

Work up a sweat and build strength in all three planes of movement with the dual cable…continued

A Trail-Running Workout

The Trail-Running Workout

A cardio and strength circuit that will make you a stronger, more-efficient trail runner.…continued


Expert Answers: On Weight Machines, Body-Fat Percentage, and improving lung capacity

Our fitness experts tackle your questions on the best weight machines, improving lung…continued

Expert Answers: On Clip-in Bike Pedals, Coconut Water, and Breathing for Heavy Lifts

Expert Answers: On Clip-In Bike Pedals, Coconut Water, Breathing for Heavy Lifts

Our fitness experts tackle your questions on clip-in bicycle pedals, coconut water as a…continued

A Smart Dumbbell Complex

A Smart Dumbbell Complex

Use one of the most basic weights — dumbbells! — to get an intense cardio and…continued

The 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout

The 20-Minute Kettlebell Workout

A kettlebell circuit is one of the most efficient ways to work your entire body. Try this…continued

Meet three people who discovered their authentic fitness passions — and get their tips on finding your own.

Hooked on Fitness

Fitness isn’t always love at first sweat. Learn how three individuals became infatuated…continued


Facing Down an Injury

Five athletes who've confronted sports-related injuries with hope, wisdom and courage and…continued


Taking Sides: The One-Sided Strength Workout

Gym-goers often gravitate toward two-legged and two-armed movements. But intentionally…continued


TACFIT for Life

This tactical fitness methodology from world-champ MMA fighter Scott Sonnon emphasizes…continued

game of life team picture

Game of Life: Lessons We Can Learn From Sports

Three athletes share wisdom they’ve gained from their respective sports. …continued


10 Sets, 10 Reps: German Volume Training

Looking for a no-frills way to get strong, fast? Try Charles Poliquin’s modified German…continued

go with the flow qigong

Go With the Flow: The Qigong Workout

A sweat-free, stress-busting qigong routine to get your body moving over the lunch hour. …continued


Smart Stretching

Everyday activities take a toll on our bodies, tightening our muscles and limiting our…continued


Density Intensity

The concept is simple: Pick your time frame, and pack as much work into it as possible.…continued


Free Up Your Workout

If you’ve been relying on machines for your resistance training, try working with free…continued


No Excuses

On her 40th birthday, Shonia Brown got a wake-up call that convinced her to change her…continued


Shifting Gears

It took a cancer diagnosis to convince Brad Dawson to rethink his eating and exercise…continued

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