Jon Spayde


When Your Doctor Says, “I Have Bad News”

How to cope with a scary health diagnosis — without getting caught up in the chaos of…continued


Who Says I’m Angry?!

Coping with a passive-aggressive coworker can be tough. Licensed counselor Loriann Oberlin…continued

the big breakup: how to move on

The Big Breakup: How to Move On

When a romantic relationship ends, you can feel depressed, resentful, and uncertain about…continued

How to Avert Vacation Stress

How to Avert Vacation Stress

Does the prospect of going on vacation freak you out? Here’s how to get past your…continued


The Same Old Argument

Do you find yourself endlessly bickering with your partner about an issue that just…continued


Dealing With Cyber-Clutter

Here’s how to organize your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. …continued


Fun-Time Face-Offs

Sharing downtime with the one you love brings you closer together. But digging totally…continued

Jan/Feb 2012: Renewal

The Voice of the Gremlin

Each of us has a critical, mean-spirited inner voice on a mission to bring us down.…continued


The Stress of Just Scraping By

Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck—no matter how much money you make?…continued


Over-Connected Teens

Bothered by your teenager’s continual texting, interactive gaming or online chatting?…continued


Not Keeping Up With the Joneses

If you're hanging out with pals who have a lot more money to spend than you do, it can be…continued


When Work Is All There Is

If job-related thoughts dominate most of your waking hours and energy, it may be time to…continued


Bequest or Burden?

It was someone's treasure - but now it's in your living room, and you're not sure it…continued


Dueling To-Do Lists

When your to-do list and your partner's are in conflict, battles ensue. Here's how to…continued


Who’s Overreacting!!!

Do you fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, or mount a major defense to even…continued


Holiday Food Frustration

With all the season’s celebratory meals and treat-heavy traditions, it can be hard to…continued


Bottled-Up Emotions

Suppressing intense feelings can carry a heavy emotional toll. When letting it all out…continued


Online Identity Crisis

You're just one person, but with multiple online profiles, it can be hard to keep track.…continued


Upgrade Your Brain

Your brain changes over the course of your lifetime - for better or for worse. Here’s…continued


Handling a High-Maintenance Friend

Have a pal who makes excessive claims on your time and attention? Judith Orloff offers…continued

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