Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Ham on Wry by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl

Ham on Wry

The fever dreams of nutrition-minded food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl struggling to…continued

No Breakfast of Champions

No Breakfast of Champions

Dispatches from a hectic morning — without the side of eggs — from food writer Dara…continued


Trapped by Food Tradition

The way we eat today is shaped by legacies from long ago. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl thinks…continued


Take-Charge Cooking for Too-Busy Cooks

When cooking from scratch seems out of reach, do the next best thing. Dara Moskowitz…continued


The Iron Age

TV shows like Iron Chef make cooking a simple meal an action-packed,…continued

Jan/Feb 2012: Honestly, Dara

Hidden Agenda

Some popular cookbooks suggest hoodwinking our kids into eating veggies by hiding them in…continued


My Unfavorite Things

Looking back on the year’s food trends, a food writer names a few that she hopes will…continued


Investing in Stocks

Homemade stocks are not a vestige of a bygone era or the exclusive territory of…continued


Let Them Eat Steak

Spend some time eating, drinking and walking as the French do, and the “French…continued


Beware the Lusty Turnip

Every era has had its share of wrongly demonized foods - from commonplace vegetables to…continued


Got Enough Gadgets?

When future archaeologists undearth the relics of today's modern kitchen conveniences,…continued


Food Crazy

A landmark starvation study from World War II sends an important message for today's…continued


Frozen Future

An inconvenient truth: Our relationship with processed convenience foods is on a troubling…continued


Make Friends with your Farmer

Some critics are now saying the locavore movement is elitist and misguided. Not so - real…continued


Reality’s Bites

My humble, home-cooked meals are not the stuff of Food Channel fantasy. But they sure beat…continued


The Morning Banana Diet and Other New Year’s Follies

'Tis the season for fad diets and crazy weight-loss schemes. But real change still relies…continued


Tinku, Travel, Treats and Other Holiday Traditions

There’s nothing like a special occasion to test just how far we’ll go in the name of…continued


Crocodiles and Cinnabons

Our ancestors devoured treats that most of us would find hard to stomach. But their…continued


No, There’s Not an App for That

When it comes to improving our experiences with food, new technologies have their limits.…continued


Dinner Is on the Table … the Stairs … the Floor…

Serving my kids a good, healthy meal is only half the battle. The bigger challenge is…continued

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