Bahram Akradi

Investment Advice

Bargains and shortcuts promise easy satisfaction. But they can wind up being lousy deals…continued

Explore Your Circumstances

Dissatisfied with your lot in life? Anxious about what’s ahead? Life Time founder Bahram…continued

To Grow Thyself, Know Thyself

Life Time founder Bahram Akradi on how a moment of self-reflection may be all it takes to…continued

First, Do What You Can

Go after your dreams. Follow your bliss. But take responsibility for dealing with your…continued

Hey, Rebel, What’s Your Cause?

Until you’re aware of its bigger “why,” you can’t know for sure whether a fight…continued

Start Strong, Stay Strong

How willing are you to persist in your commitments when the going gets tough?…continued

Commit to Finding Your Flow

Want to accomplish your biggest goals? Bahram Akradi suggests starting by applying your…continued

On Digging In and Letting Go

Bahram Akradi on how to cope — and even thrive — when life pushes you to your limit.…continued

Reflect, Assess, Adjust

Bahram Akradi on how a simply daily discipline can help you give your life a makeover.…continued

Learning as We Go

Bahram Akradi on growing beyond our limitations when life presents challenges.…continued

Your Attention, Please

Looking for a fast way to improve your life? Take a moment to focus intently on what’s…continued

Beyond the Cave

Committed to achieving your personal potential and pursuing the life of your dreams? Be…continued

To Fear — or Not to Fear?

From an evolutionary perspective, there’s nothing wrong with being a little afraid now…continued

Finding Ease in Effort

Once you discover the work you were meant to do, you'll get a whole new lease on life —…continued

Rebalancing Act

Take a hard-eyed look at all the commitments you've already made, and you may start to…continued

And Now, for Something Completely Different…

Take an experimental approach to your New Year's resolutions and discover some…continued

Living Up to Our Promises

A commitment to self-care may be the first step in showing up for others — and in living…continued

Stronger by the Year

Commit to doing one or more feel-good athletic events annually, and prepare to see your…continued

Minding Our Business

With employers' medical costs on the rise, the smart money is on supporting healthy…continued

Can-Do Intelligence

Want to get past your obstacles? Quit giving them so much attention.…continued

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