The Office Sled Pull Workout (Video)

Community Engagement Specialist Heidi Wachter gets creative with an indoor strength and speed workout to try when you don’t have a lot of room.

Today we held our annual Worthy Goods staff giveaway. Each team member draws a number and we (very happily and in an organized fashion) choose which of the products featured in our Worthy Goods section we want to have for our very own (or as a holiday gift for someone we like!).

As an avid hipster cyclist, I ended up with the Nutcase helmet (I do own one already and am a big fan of their funky designs and “I Heart My Brain” decal) and was proudly wearing it around the office. I happened to pass Jen Sinkler who was trying out her new SpeedSac sled bag resistance trainer. Since I want to be all fit like Jen, I asked her if she’d show me how to use it.

What you see here is a makeshift “Office Sled Pull Workout” designed spontaneously and with proper fitness advice from Jen. The sled bag (this one is loaded up with fifty pounds, but you can add more or less as you wish) is a great strength and speed workout you can do in limited space.  Do try this at home. Sense of humor is a must, but a helmet is not required.

Watch Now!

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