How to Hard-Boil Eggs in a Pressure Cooker (Video)

Hard-boiled eggs peel easily after just six minutes of high-pressure steaming. See how easy it can be!

Pressure cookers are making a comeback — and one easy way to get started using this oft-considered intimidating kitchen tool is by hard-boiling eggs. We show you how simple, safe and efficient it can be in this how-to video.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Hard-Boiling Eggs:

  1. Place the rack in the pressure cooker (most pressure cookers come with this accessory).
  2. Fill the pressure cooker so the water is just above rack.
  3. Add eggs, balancing them on bottle caps for stability.
  4. Using a paper towel and olive oil, oil the rubber gasket and then insert into lid — this will help seal the pressure cooker tight.
  5. Attach the lid and lock.
  6. Turn heat to high and wait for the pressure gauge to reach high pressure.
  7. Once the cooker is at high pressure, set the timer for six minutes to hard-boil eggs (to soft-boil, cook for three minutes).
  8. Adjust heat as needed throughout cooking time to maintain high pressure.
  9. When finished, immediately remove from heat and cool by quick-release method: Run the pressure cooker under cool water until the pressure gauge returns to normal; unlock and remove lid.
  10. Peel eggs, and enjoy!

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