Half Sun Salutation and Yogic Breathing With Seane Corn (Video)

Simple moves to help you synchronize movement to breath to help you transform your yoga practice, and four conscious-breathing techniques to calm and energize the body.

In this video (above), Corn demonstrates sun salutation, a key movement that can easily allow you to practice linking your breath to your body to feel more centered. Based in Los Angeles, Corn teaches dynamic vinyasa yoga classes on her Web site, www.seanecorn.com, where they are available for download. She also has two yoga videos through Gaiam and a guided practice CD, Detox Flow Yoga (Sounds True, 2009).

Yogic Breathing 

In this video (below), Corn demonstrates through four key yogic breathing techniques that can help you transform your yoga practice and achieve a new level of peace, centeredness and strength.

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