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PUMPING IRONY: Don’t Forget the Beer

We’re getting our annual January thaw in February this year. The weekend brought balmy temps in the 30s, and I took advantage of the nice weather to take the dog for a walk on Saturday and Sunday. The dog in question is our 13-year-old German shepherd-golden retriever-chow-collie mix, Brigit. She is usually escorted in public by My Lovely Wife —… Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: The Belgian Waffle Diet

Back to the gym last night after a couple of weeks away, and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I climbed on the scale before my workout. It’s not just that I’ve been avoiding the gym; I’ve been avoiding the gym while quaffing pints of ale, brutalizing Belgian waffles, devouring Yorkshire pudding with no regard for… Read more »

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PUMPING IRONY: Walk Like a Man

Valeriy’s my new hero. It occurred to me on the walk into the office this morning (glorious blue skies, soft NW breeze, 32 degrees) that I’ve maybe been beating myself up a bit too much about this running thing. I think I’ve been trapped in some weird paradigm that’s dictating some false assumptions — namely that running is sort… Read more »

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Fresh air. Open sky. The beauty of the horizon. Most of us wish we could spend more time outside enjoying nature’s gifts. Now, a growing body of research is giving us even more compelling reasons to heed those desires. Discover why time spent in nature is time wisely invested in personal well-being.