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Beyond Gluten: Could It Be Wheat Sensitivity?

Some claim it’s the staff of life. Others say we should avoid it. Take a closer look at this ubiquitous…

2 years ago

Follow the Folate

You may not know the difference between folic acid and folate, but your body does. Learn how to get the…

4 years ago

The Problem With Perfume

Artificial fragrances are everywhere — and they can pose significant threats to your health. Here’s what you can do about…

5 years ago

FDA to Begin Testing for Glyphosate in Food

Debate heats up after WHO study claims the popular weed killer may be carcinogenic.

5 years ago

The Dark Side of Food Science

Technology can make your meals fun or forbidding. It’s important to know the difference — and to have a choice…

5 years ago

FDA Orders Removal of Artificial Trans Fats From Food by 2018

New rule deems trans fats not "generally recognized as safe" for food.

6 years ago

10 Things You Need to Know About Food Dyes

At best, the dyes are aesthetic enhancers. At worst — and as many "real food" advocates claim — they are…

7 years ago

Decoding Health Media

Here’s what you need to know regarding the food industry’s influence on what we hear about nutrition.

7 years ago

Report: FDA loophole allows companies to determine safety of new chemicals in foods

The Natural Resources Defense Council says a loophole in a 1958 law allows food manufacturers to bypass federal safety assessments.

7 years ago

Natural Strategies for Preventing Migraines

In light of the FDA's approval of the first medical device for preventing migraine headaches, we offer an overview of…

7 years ago