Fast Forward

Feeling the need for speed? Yearning to turn on your turbojets? Overspeed training may deliver the velocity you've been missing.

Lean Into It

Plagued by chronic running injuries? Perhaps it's time to try ChiRunning, an intuitive style that works with your body and draws from your physical and spiritual center.

Weak in the Knees

If you're an active woman or girl, you may be at greater risk for knee injury than your male counterparts. Learn how to protect one of your body's most valuable joints.

Swim for Your Life!

Forget splashing around in fountains of youth. If what you want is a lifetime of health, fitness and vitality, You're better off swimming laps.

Cold Shoulder

The cause of frozen shoulder is a mystery. For millions of Americans, its symptoms are debilitating. Fortunately, the condition can be cured and, in many cases, prevented altogether.

Fitness Frontiers

Evolve your workouts and lay claim to some righteous rewards: more motivation, exhilaration and satisfaction await those who are willing to reach for new fitness limits.

Active Planning

The success of your fitness goals depends, in large part, on the soundness of your fitness strategy. You do have a fitness plan, don't you? Here's how to get one, fast — or how to make your current plan even better.

Abs, Simplified

There's no shortage of abdominal exercises out there. But not all of them deserve your time. Here are three worth doing – plus expert advice on making them count.