Ready, Set, Race

Is your favorite active pursuit leading you somewhere? Like a starting line, perhaps? Get the beginner's scoop on everything from finding an ideal event to celebrating your first finish.

Dream it, Do it!

There's no reason to put off your grandest goals and desires until someday. Three life coaches offer guidance to help you harness your dreams, starting now.

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Getting It Done

“Is this supposed to press down on my nose so much,” I asked Ryan, the trainer administering my metabolic and VO2 max test. “Yeah, it needs to be snug enough so air doesn’t get in through the sides,” he explained, adjusting the straps and checking the seal of the mask.

Dear Diary

Forget pouring out your innermost secrets—your fitness log may have a few things to tell you . Which is why you oughta start keeping one.

Resolution Recovery

Remember those resolutions you made six months ago? Maybe you'd rather not. But why forgive and forget when you can fix and forge ahead? We'll show you how.

Practicing Periodization

Virtually everyone striving to get into better shape stands to benefit from breaking down their long-term fitness goals into smaller, progressive training segments. Why not launch your periodization plan now?