How to Make Your Own Bath Salts

This simple and fragrant bath salts recipe can be modified endlessly to meet your mood.

3 months ago

Self-Care for Activists

Self-care is not escapism: It’s a way to remain present, connected, and committed. Here's how to battle burnout if you're…

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12 Strategies for Self-Care While Social Distancing

Here are some tips for staying sane during the COVID-19 outbreak.

11 months ago


Our fitness editor reflects on her changing motivations to work out.

12 months ago

Hannah Bower’s Success Story

When this gymnast lost her sport and came close to losing her life, she had to change her mindset to…

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5 Truths About Self-Care

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-care. Our experts explain why it matters for all of us — and…

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Do Women Experience More Stress Than Men?

The stress gap between men and women may be growing, according to recent research. Here are three ways to manage…

2 years ago

No Boundaries: Overcoming Codependence

What you can do to break codependency and cultivate healthier, more satisfying relationships.

2 years ago

Glow and Grow: Q&A With Hello Glow’s Stephanie Gerber

Wellness insights from a mom blogger who grew her site of DIY recipes to a community of natural-product-creating enthusiasts.

4 years ago

LIFE, UNEDITED: How I’m Moving on Post-Election

A key part of self-care after this election cycle will be finding a place of peace.

4 years ago

5 Lessons for My Postpartum Self

The first year as a new mom has been a whirlwind. These tips would have served me well at eight…

5 years ago

How to Give a Neck Massage in 5 Simple Steps

This Valentine's Day, surprise your partner (or anyone you love!) with the gift of a relaxing neck massage.

6 years ago

The psychological downside of labeling obesity a “disease”

The American Medical Association's "disease" label appears to boost feelings of self-acceptance among obese people — but it may also…

7 years ago

How Exercise Keeps the Skin Young

New research shows that exercise cannot only prevent, but also reverse, signs of aging in the skin.

7 years ago

Please, Don’t Blame It On Your Thighs

Lululemon's founder said in a recent interview that some women's bodies (and some seatbelts and purses) "don't work" for the…

7 years ago

The Psychology of Moving

No matter how often or how far you move, relocating is a major, often emotional, life change. Here on some…

7 years ago

A Matter of Life and Breath

The trick is to keep breathing.

7 years ago

ESPRIT DE SHE: Prepping for My First Post-Baby 5K

Senior editor Jamie Martin shares plans for her first athletic event after the arrival of her baby girl this summer.

8 years ago

Living Up to Our Promises

A commitment to self-care may be the first step in showing up for others — and in living up to…

8 years ago

What I Do When I Don’t Feel Good

Self-care tips for when it's time to recharge.

8 years ago

Ready, Set, Glow: Latham Thomas

If you haven’t yet heard about Latham Thomas, get ready. Dr. Oz describes her as a “fitness and nutrition powerhouse,”…

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