- Personal Development -

All I Want for Christmas

If there’s any time of year when it’s easy to lose one’s sense of center, it’s the holidays. Then again, if there’s any time of year ideal for regaining one’s sense of center, I’d say that it’s the holidays, too. Particularly if you get an early and proactive start on it.

Busy Bodies

Life in the fast lane might be exciting, but are you living quickly at the expense of living deeply? Learn how to say no to busyness and yes to what really matters.

- Perspective by Bahram Akradi -

Put Time on Your Side

The call to start working on my letter for this “Feel Great at Any Age” issue came at the perfect moment: It just happened to be my 45th birthday. Fact is, if you had asked me when I was 20 what 45 was going to look and feel like, I’m not sure I’d have been able to tell you.

- Environmental Health -

Nature Quest

Fresh air. Open sky. The beauty of the horizon. Most of us wish we could spend more time outside enjoying nature's gifts. Now, a growing body of research is giving us even more compelling reasons to heed those desires. Discover why time spent in nature is time wisely invested in personal well-being.

The Way of the Healthy Person

Good health, at core, is less a destination than life-enhancing journey. But if there is any clear path toward the promised land of healthy living, it begins not on any treadmill or diet plan, but on the fertile ground of our own thoughts, assumptions and beliefs.

- Work -

Stop the Office, I Want to Get Off!

For many Americans, the world of work feels a bit like an endless ride — one that's spinning too fast and feeling more than a little out of control. But just how and why did we get strapped into this craziness? Understand the machinery of your own workaholic tendencies and you'll be one step closer to switching gears — and maybe even putting on the brakes.