What’s in Your Wine?

Most bottles contain more than just grapes and yeast. Find out which ingredients find their way into wine — plus…

3 months ago

How Good Is Your Tap Water?

Curious what's in your tap water? Check out the Environmental Working Group's new Tap Water Database.

5 months ago

The High Price of Farming

Small-scale farming is rife with challenges, including finanical instability and higher rates of depression and suicide.

10 months ago

9 Ways to Help Pollinators

Here are several ways to stem the decline of critical pollinator species.

10 months ago

Why Pollinators Matter

Pollinators play a critical role in maintaining ecosystems and human food supplies, but several factors are making it harder for…

10 months ago

Sugar Bust: New Evidence Against Sweet Drinks

Here are some of the latest findings about sugary drinks like soda, juice, energy drinks, and more.

1 year ago

5 Biodynamic Wines to Try

Sip, sip, hooray! Here are five organic, biodynamic, and natural wines to suit all tastes.

1 year ago

A Rare Vintage

"Natural" wines may not be as natural as we think, yet they're gradually moving into the mainstream as wineries —…

1 year ago

How to Create a Low-Mosquito Garden

Want to keep the pesky insects at bay? Here are nine plants that repel mosquitoes — naturally.

2 years ago

Are Sperm Counts Declining?

Yes, says our expert, but here's what you can do to protect your sperm health.

2 years ago

What You Wear Can Affect Climate Change

An interview with eco-fashion pioneer Marci Zaroff on the perils of commercial cotton farming.

2 years ago

Where Have All the Birds Gone?

Recent findings reveal sharp losses in bird populations across Europe. Scientists think agricultural pesticide use may have a role.

3 years ago

The 13 Pillars of the Pegan Diet

In his new book, functional-medicine doc Mark Hyman, MD, says a Pegan diet — which combines principles of Paleo and…

3 years ago

Agricultural Pesticides Found in Tap Water. Here’s What To Do.

A widely used class of agricultural pesticides has been found in drinking water, according to a new study. Here’s how…

4 years ago

DDT: The reason Americans are overweight?

A new study shows that ancestral exposure to the insecticide could be a factor in the obesity crisis.

7 years ago

TAKING NOTES: 20 Things Overheard at the Functional Medicine Conference

Experience Life senior editor Anjula Razdan shares her top 20 takeaways from the recent @FXMed Conference in Minneapolis.

7 years ago

Increase Fertility, Naturally

Nine practical strategies for boosting fertility and supporting a healthy pregnancy.

9 years ago

What Is at the Root of Autism?

The incidence of autism is growing at an alarming rate. Experts are struggling to discover why. Slowly, a strange and…

9 years ago

Your Qs: Gym Funk, Ramping Up Resting Metabolic Rate and More

Jen Sinkler, our fitness editor, wrangles leading experts to address your most perplexing workout quandaries and conundrums.

10 years ago

Good Earth

Soil is not just a neutral medium in which to grow food. The nutrient density of the food we eat…

12 years ago

Coming Home to Health

Eco-friendly home furnishings and building materials can help make your home a healthy one.

15 years ago