Pamela Weintraub

The Care and Feeding of Your Mitochondria

They’re essential to energy, focus, vitality, and metabolism. And yet most of us have no idea how our mitochondria work.…

2 years ago

How to Prevent Migraines

New research offers promising treatments for these extreme headaches.

3 years ago

Notables: July/August 2014

News, notes, and our top takeaways from the latest issue of Experience Life.

7 years ago

Beating Lyme Disease

For patients with tick-borne diseases, the path to health can be confounding. Combining integrative and conventional approaches may be the…

7 years ago

Lyme Disease: How to Protect Yourself This Summer

The tick-borne illness, one of the fastest growing diseases in the United States, can be disabling if left untreated.

7 years ago

Natural Strategies for Preventing Migraines

In light of the FDA's approval of the first medical device for preventing migraine headaches, we offer an overview of…

7 years ago

Integrative Oncology: A Healthier Way to Fight Cancer

Integrative oncology enhances conventional treatment strategies. And its lessons could help more of us avoid cancer entirely.

8 years ago

The Other Drug Problem

Could the medications we take to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure, and stomach acid be doing us more harm than good?

10 years ago

What We Don’t Know About Lyme

When a mysterious and debilitating illness overtook her and her family, the author struggled to find some answers. What she…

12 years ago