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Versatile and simple to use, every spoonful of this Japanese seasoning is brimming with flavor and essential nutrients.

South River Miso

Miso soup is one of the great gifts from the food gods. It soothes an upset stomach and plays a key role in digestive health with its wealth of probiotic enzymes that perk up intestinal flora. But all miso is not created equal – you need the fresh, unpasteurized stuff to reap the bacterial benefits – and all miso most certainly does not taste the same. South River is top of the line in terms of both flavor and nutrition. It’s made in the centuries-old Japanese tradition, by hand in wooden vats. The only nontraditional aspect of the process is that it takes place on a New England farm and is produced by a U.S. couple well-schooled in traditional macrobiotic practices. Available in a variety of flavors, from sweet to savory, thanks to a range of different grains, beans and vintages.