Mehmet Oz

- Pumping Irony -

PUMPING IRONY: A Breakthrough

You know, just when you think you're backsliding on your workout routine, sometimes a breakthrough just comes out of nowhere. That's how things went for me this week. I'm going to say that it's just a way that the universe is telling to me to hang in there.

- Personal Development -

The Way I Hear It

In an era where calls for personal responsibility are becoming more popular, I would love to hear our President and elected officials call on Americans to lay off the burgers, sodas, fries, white bread and cheese dip and get out for a morning walk or evening yoga class.

The Need for Speed

Kids have the right idea: They love racing and chasing and seeing just how fast they can go. Here’s why adults should pick up the pace, too.

What Now?

Whether you’re in your 30s or your 70s, following an age-specific fitness regimen can keep you looking and feeling your very best.