heart-rate monitor

Polar E-40 Heart Monitor

Designed especially for kids, this monitor from Polar is now helping motivate kids to move in school activity programs across the country. The water-resistant wrist model features a two-button operation that accurately displays heart-rate data. It can record and recall workouts and even beep when a workout goal is achieved.

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Active at Heart

Kids and tweens today aren’t getting enough exercise. You may think of their attachment to electronic gadgets as a big part of the problem, but two fitness experts explain why one gadget in particular — a heart-rate monitor — may be an important part of the solution.

Polar RS400 Heart-Rate Monitor

A heart-rate monitor is a great way to train smart – in the ranges guaranteed to produce the best, fastest, most satisfying results for you. This advanced-technology model from Polar keeps track of heart rate and calories burned, and is equipped with memory software to monitor performance and progress.