- Perspective by Bahram Akradi -

Rock – and Roll

Spring is the season of new projects and brave commitments. It's a time when many people decide they are ready to take on big changes. Just having a couple more hours of daylight can be enough to flood our bodies with the desire to tackle new challenges and convince us to set a new plan in motion.

Last-Chance Victories

Okay, 2003 is almost over. You may be running behind on your resolutions, but you're not defeated yet! Here's your guide to a slew of meaningful goals you can still accomplish (and celebrate) this year.

Resolution Recovery

Remember those resolutions you made six months ago? Maybe you'd rather not. But why forgive and forget when you can fix and forge ahead? We'll show you how.

- Personal Development -

Control Issues

This being the Take Charge issue and all, it's tempting to claim that when we relaunched Experience Life magazine a little over a year ago, we knew exactly what we were doing – that we planned it out and made it happen just so.

Force of Will

When it comes to our pursuit of goals and accomplishments, the source of our motivation may dictate the force of our efforts.

New Year, New Way

Forget what you think you know about New Year's resolutions. You're about to embark on a fascinating and victorious quest for the body you've always wanted.