How to Treat Long-Haul COVID

COVID-19 is leaving many with a disturbing array of chronic symptoms. These functional-medicine strategies can help.

2 weeks ago

7 Immune-Boosting Foods

Looking to build your immune system? Start by eating immunity-boosting foods like turmeric, sauerkraut, and medicinal mushrooms.

1 month ago

How to Return to Work After a Furlough

Returning to your job after a furlough is likely to raise some complicated emotions. This expert advice can help you…

2 months ago

Crystal Clear

A manifesto for change.

2 months ago


Driven by the demands of a broken business model, nursing homes opened their doors to coronavirus patients — with predictable…

3 months ago

How to Embrace Uncertainty

Ease your concerns about the unknown by learning to get comfortable with the unknowable.

3 months ago

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Lifestyle factors — like exercise and nutrition — can boost your immunity.

3 months ago

Paths of Possibility

Moving toward a future that shines, one step at a time.

3 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Keep Calm and Carry On

Recent research suggests the elderly are coping more effectively than their younger peers with the emotional challenges of the pandemic.…

3 months ago

Grit and Glitter: Jessie Diggins

For Nordic skier Jessie Diggins, winning Olympic gold was just the beginning. She now uses her platform to spread the…

3 months ago

Could Masks Help Build Immunity?

It's all about the "viral inoculum theory," according to infectious-disease experts.

4 months ago

The Ups and Downs of Ladder Workouts

As she gets back into a gym routine, our fitness editor relies on ladder workouts for volume, skill work, and…

4 months ago


Our fitness editor explains why an annual kettlebell-swing challenge brought an unexpected benefit during turbulent times.

5 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Location, Location, Location

Many factors affect our access to healthcare, but new research suggests that where we choose to live may actually enhance…

5 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Trials and Tribulations

Elderly Americans who volunteer for drug trials seldom make the cut. That makes it more difficult for researchers to know…

5 months ago

PUMPING IRONY: Statins and Suspicions

Recent research suggests cholesterol-reducing drugs may be safer than once thought and offer cancer- and COVID-fighting benefits. So, why do…

5 months ago

The Table

A call for alignment on a global scale — for the good of our planet and future generations.

5 months ago


While COVID-19 has exacted a huge toll on those coping with a chronic disease, few have suffered more than older…

5 months ago

A Dose of Uncertainty

As we wait impatiently for a COVID-19 vaccine to free us from the current pandemic, a recent survey indicates surprising…

6 months ago

Why T Cells in Your Immune System May Be Your Strongest COVID-19 Defense

Coronavirus antibodies might not be long-lasting, but the latest research has found new hope for battling the virus — your…

6 months ago

Water Warrior: Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa shares his passion for ocean conservation, water equity, and eliminating single-use plastics once and for all.

7 months ago