By Kristin Ohlson

- Nutrition -

Secret Ingredients

Most of the processed foods we eat are studded with mysterious additives. They extend shelf life. They create exciting flavors, colors and textures. But they don’t do great things for our health. Find out which ones to avoid, and why.

- Nutrition -

The Secret Flavor: Umami

Sweet, salt, sour and bitter. These are the four familiar tastes we’ve come to know best. And then there’s another flavor—umami. Until recently, we weren’t sure how to name this fifth flavor, much less describe it. But that hasn’t stopped us from craving it and creating it for most of culinary history.

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The New Veganism

No longer on the fringe of culinary culture, plant-centered diets are more popular than ever. Here’s why—and why you don’t have to be a vegan to benefit from putting more plants at the center of your plate.