By Clara Beacon

Your Body, Reframed

Congrats: Your workouts are working, and your body is changing for the better. But is your brain on board? A cognitive psychologist explains how to be on the lookout for the unconscious “mental frames” that can bring your progress to a halt.

Lines of Inquiry

The questions we ask can lead us down paths of discovery and delight, or down corridors of doom and gloom. Which road are you taking?

- Gut Health -

Emotional Biochemistry

Like it or not, emotions share some very real biochemical links with your nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems. Isn’t it time you learned something about how your body responds to what you feel—and vice versa?

Instant Healing

Don’t believe in miraculous cures? Go ahead and roll your eyes. It’s actually part of this highly effective technique for getting over cravings, phobias, pain, and more.