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PUMPING IRONY: Danger Signs?

I had an interesting revelation last week. After a long absence, I headed downstairs to the gym after work on Tuesday and dragged myself through about a 45-minute workout, including a stint on my old nemesis, the Elliptical Death Machine, and a trip to The Pit, where I got reacquainted with some heavy (for me) iron.

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The Next Game: Tony Sanneh

After 18 years of playing professional soccer, Tony Sanneh retired from the sport in 2010. But “retired” is hardly a word that describes this world soccer great. A native of St. Paul, Minn., he established The Sanneh Foundation, a nonprofit organization, in 2003; its purpose is to provide positive environments - including soccer clinics and camps - for urban youth in America. We caught up with Sanneh by phone to find out more about his projects and passions.