7 Essential Oils to Try

Aromatherapy can be a convenient, portable remedy — many of the best-known therapeutic oils are blended with carrier oils in…

1 year ago

The Problem With Fake Scents

One in three people report health problems when exposed to synthetic fragrances, according to one study.

1 year ago

Essential-Oils Seasonal Allergy Remedy

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, try this hay-fever treatment created by naturopath Rebecca Tanyar-Mead.

1 year ago

Why Aromatherapy Is Going Mainstream

Plant-based essential oils have long been used in the practice of aromatherapy to help address stress, pain, and other issues.…

1 year ago

What Causes Nosebleeds?

Excessive nose picking and dry air can lead to a nosebleed, but so can high blood pressure and allergies. Here…

1 year ago

A Rough Guide to Histamine Foods

Here are foods to track if you suspect a histamine intolerance.

2 years ago

What You Need to Know About Histamine Intolerance

Understand the role of histamines in the body — and which foods to avoid if they’re causing problems.

2 years ago

The Parasite Paradox

Intestinal organisms can be a trigger for troubling health issues. But new research finds they can also help the body…

2 years ago

Taking Notes: An Integrative Approach to Treating Allergies

Dr. Leo Galland’s thoughts on natural solutions for allergies from this year’s Integrative Health Symposium.

5 years ago

20 Common Conditions Associated With Leaky Gut

The effects of a leaky gut extend far beyond the gastro-intestinal tract. As our understanding of the syndrome increases, the…

6 years ago

Low vitamin D levels linked to cancer and heart disease, studies show

The studies, which looked at data on more than one million people, confirmed previously reported evidence of the risks associated…

7 years ago


Trying to outsmart my body's food intolerances is a lose-lose.

7 years ago

Clues to Curing Allergies

Environmental exposures are more than just allergy triggers: Evidence shows they can help the body build up its immunity.

7 years ago

Cauliflower Power

Don’t let this understated vegetable fool you. It’s bursting with culinary potential and nutritional oomph.

9 years ago