Reader Success Stories

Readers share their amazing personal health and wellness transformations. Read their stories to be inspired — or feel free to share your own!

Biking With Buddha

As a fifty-something widow, I joined the Plymouth  Life Time Fitness club in 2005 hoping to meet other active folks my  age. A few weeks later I was introduced to Craig,  a LifeTime Legacy member and regular at the Plymouth club. Having been told by our mutual friends that  I wasn’t ready for a “real date,” he asked me… Read more »

Don’t Guess Your Way to Being Fit

While today I have the physique of a fitness model and the mindset of a personal trainer, I didn’t exactly start out that way. I was like any other young, naive college girl, looking to increase her fitness level so her outward physical appearance matched the unrealistic expectations of the fitness models I envied from the magazines…. Read more »

Overcoming LifeTime Obstacles

Life Time Fitness member Warren Carlyle motivates anyone who has lost someone by showing them that despite the struggle, you can channel your energy into something positive.

You can do it when you are ready

I sent this story in before this blog began. I just wanted to share with others my journey over the last year. I do not share the story to get praise or pats on the back. I actually feel if you have been blessed you should pass those blessing on the others. I was encouraged… Read more »