What healthy behaviors have you embraced? Share your health and wellness success story with other Experience Life readers, and read others to be inspired.

Here at Experience Life, we receive hundreds of emails every year from individuals who have committed to improving their health, wellness and quality of life — with amazing results. These stories are each inspiring and empowering in their own way, but because we publish just 10 issues a year, only a handful make it into print for all to read. That’s changing with the launch of the Reader Success Stories blog. Now everyone can share their healthy-living success stories. Our hope is that this blog will serve as source of motivation, and become a place for the Experience Life community to celebrate the successes and triumphs of you, our dedicated readers.

A Few Good Things to Know

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  • If we feel your story is a good fit for an upcoming print issue of Experience Life magazine, we will contact you directly to discuss next steps.
  • Please include before and after photos you feel are relevant to your story. High res images are preferred, no smaller than 640 x 400.

Congratulations on your success — we can’t wait to read about it!

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